Simple Strategies

In the spirit of make it fast and keep it simple:

Back to basics: The Cook Box – make it easy to mix up memories with your children

Back to basics: The Lunch Lady – a short, easy lunch solution

Fast Food for Slow Sundays – The ability to come face to face with a piece of raw meat at 7 a.m. on a Sunday morning is the hardest part. It’s worth it. Trust me on this. Because the goal is for Sunday to be the best day of the week – a day of worship and rest…”

Getting Ready for Sundays (Part Two of Fast Food for Slow Sundays) – an example of the difference a bit of simple prep can make

Freedom of Frugal Living

Homemade Bread in 10 Minutes

Batch Cooking

Batch Cooking: Potato Soup

Batch Cooking: Basic Beef

Batch Cooking: Sunbutter Balls – guest post on Sunbutter blog

Blessings of the Batch

  1. Mixes and Meal Planning
  1. -Simple Suppers

Simple Suppers: Manwich Chicken

Simple Suppers: Crock Pot Pizza

Simple Supper or Lunch: Cheese Bagel

Big Cook – The plan -11/12 and The results 11/15

Big Cook # 2 and The results


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