A Month Long Slow Cooker Celebration

(An update from the September 2010 Hodgepodge archives, adaptable for any time of the year)

Because it’s the change of seasons…

Because there’s an ever so slight chill in the air…

Because we’ll be hitting the books pretty hard for a week…

Because we’ll then be taking a week off for field trips and fun…

And simply because I love the crock pot…

This menu plan is dedicated to the crock pot. The glory of slow cooking. The toss-the-ingredients-in-the pot, turn-it-on-and-walk-away version.

Four weeks worth of the crock pot every day. Maybe a couple repeats but mostly slow cooker suppers with a few breakfasts thrown in there:

Stand by: knowing the hectic will happen, I can pull these from the freezer

Eggplant Casserole (from Triple Hit Eggplant)

Italian Cream Cheese Chicken


Cooking Fun: (more ideas for cooking with children here)

Wonderful smells filling our home. Plenty of time to get stuff done and have lots of fun!

Second two weeks worth of slow cooker recipes…

“As a child my family’s menu consisted of two choices – take it or leave it.” ~ Buddy Hackett

We all loved the first round of crock pot celebrations so much, I decided we’d do it again. Plus, we are:

  • coming up on an annual Big Cook
  • already practicing for several Christmas performances
  • celebrating two birthdays in November, plus Thanksgiving!

So simple meals will be a blessing. Today, I’m doing some big shop cooking in the crock pot. Cooking rounds of ground turkey to be ready for some of these recipes.

I polled the Hodgepodge audience for requests. So I’ll start with those. A few repeats from last time and a few new finds:

  • maybe Meatball Subs – toss those meatballs in the crock pot with some sauce

A few more ideas plus planning ahead:

The coffee milk punch looks really good from the November Southern Living recipes. There’s also a full list of sides as well as a Thanksgiving planner.

Coming up, I’ll be posting details on plans for a Big Cook. We’re giving food for Christmas! Plus the children will be busy with teacher gifts and more that day.

The plan is still to use last year’s Thanksgiving menu. I’m already getting some canned ingredients to be ready. We’ll do an overnight turkey again as well as the crock pot dressing. See Thanksgiving Tips I’m Thankful For.


Leftovers! Nibble trays from Back to basics: The Lunch Lady plus Sunbutter® sandwiches, pimento cheese, cheesy pasta

Cooking Fun – rolling the children into the mix:

  • a batch of Pimento Cheese
  • plus there will be plenty of opportunity to join in on making recipes for the big cook, especially our favorite Italian Stuffed Shells, Batch Cooking style
  • and maybe I’ll put a different older child in charge of filling the crock pot each night :)

This post inspired a Month of Cooking Fun. Easy, simple, fun recipes to make with children.
*all Hodgepodge meals prepared with care due to our Trials and Triumphs with allergies

There you have it! What’s your favorite crock pot recipe?


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    Hi! I hit the motherlode finding your blog post today, I am so excited! What great pictures and information. Thanks so much for sharing and the work to put this together. If you’d ever like to use it as a guest post on my blog that is what I am talking about this week. GOd bless, CHrista

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