Batch Cooking: Basic Beef

On a recent warehouse grocery trip, my husband picked up five pounds of ground beef. It wasn’t any regular sort of beef. It was a splurge – Angus.

Not really wanting to wrestle with five pounds of ground beef when it arrived that afternoon, I reluctantly pulled the ingredients. But then, I thought ahead to the busy week. To my brother’s family, needing a meal. I saw that lump of beef and saw how easy it would be to bless and fill tummies.

I grabbed the end of the store-bought loaf of bread and made a bowl of bread crumbs. Because of Lil’ Buddy I can’t add egg. So I fill in with bread crumbs and cheese.

After I had fashioned two meatloaves – one large, one small, I washed my hands. I added one more motivating factor. I started my afternoon coffee. I figured I could roll up a baking sheet full of meatballs before my coffee was finished brewing. If Kendra can race her coffee pot to unload her dishwasher as part of her morning routine, I could roll up some meatballs :)

  1. Time investment = a little over half an hour.
  2. Two extra families blessed.
  3. Three large family-sized main courses, one small family-sized meal.

Just add sides.

  1. $13.31 worth of meat divided by 4 = approximately $3.33 for each main course.
  2. 5 lbs angus beef = 1 large, 1 small meatloaf and one full, cookie sheet of meatballs

Then a chance for an afternoon coffee break. Plus a night to just pull out the main ingredients and go!

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