Here and Back Again

Those many years ago, I loaded my car and moved to the west. The call of those majestic mountains, travel, new territory. The Lord pointed me to a job I always dreamed of, and, after a while, the man I always dreamed of. Plus some really great in-laws.

Married ten months, back to the south he and I came. Jobs were better. For me, the call of home, family, the Georgia pines was strong. For him, the promise of a new career.

His parents, Grandma and Grandpa, came a little over a year later. Jobs were better here… Thirteen years of weekend get-togethers. Birthday and holiday celebrations. Thankful Thanksgivings.


Over the weekend, Hodgepodgedad and his brothers loaded Grandma and Grandpa all up.

Back to the west they go. An early retirement option for Grandma, the strong call of those trout streams for Grandpa. Three of their children’s families there.

2248. This morning I opened the deep freeze. There, marked 12/25/10, was one of Grandma’s famous pumpkin pies. We’ll have it this Sunday and celebrate those two.

2249. Their 48 years of marriage.

2250. Their five children. Three sons (pictured above) and two daughters.

2251. Grandpa’s salads, asparagus casserole.

2252. Grandma’s pies, spice cakes, strawberry and banana glaze, pumpkin and raisin cookies.

2253. How our orange kitty loves Grandma’s lap.

2254. “It’s Grandpa!” excitement yelled by littlest at their arrival.

2255. Grandma here, rocking all our babies.

2256. Grandpa and his maple or boysenberry syrup.

2257. Shared September birthdays.

2258. Grandma playing cards.

2259. Those three brothers laughing together.

2260. Plus all the every day gifts…

2261. her leftover Oreo mess

2262. buds on tree silhouettes

2263. pink on trees here and there

2264. purple clover blossoms covering yards, yellow crocus and jonquil brightening spots

2265. bare feet and pushing sleeves up

2266. windows pulled up at home, windows rolled down on the road

2267. daylight savings in just two weeks!

2268. children feeling better, getting better, pink returning to cheeks.

2269. reading Junie B. Jones books at bedtime.

2270. Looking forward to a family vacation out west! Out there again!


First me.

Then both of us back.

Then the two of them.

Now both of them back.

(In honor of Grandma and Grandpa, I’ll be posting their recipes all this week).

One of my favorite verses on new beginnings…

See I am doing a new thing! Now it springs up; do you not perceive it? I am making a way in the desert and streams in the wasteland. Isaiah 43:19


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    Nana says

    I already miss them so….Grandma taught me so much about being a good mother-in-law! They are beloved in my family too!!

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