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Hodgepodge Simple Schooling Strategies

Preschoolers – What About the Little Ones?

What is on a room time CD?

…My friend, Kellie, posed this question: I love, love, love this idea!  I do have a question. Do you have a volume of CDs that you create?  Say a few CDs with different content that you recorded?

Answer: Yes, we do. (So read on those of you that are past the preschool stage because there is more towards the end for you!) Many of us spend a great deal of time agonizing over curriculum for a school-aged child. Certainly we can focus on our preschooler and plan a specialized 45 minutes for him or her… click Read more

Hodgepodgedad explains the technical aspects of how to make a room time CD in Part Three.

Homeschool Makeover series:

From school book storage to using what you have. A makeover with chalkboard paint, IKEA shelves and organization: Homeschool Makeover.

Helpful Habits series:

We have habits stretching back a dozen years. Each one added one at a time to compliment our day. Tweaked with each new child. Adjusted often. Because in our habits we often find freedoms. All posts in a series: helpful habits

  • Family Journaling: for a long time I struggled with finding an easy way to do family, evening devotionals. The Lord answered in a delightfully simple way. Click Family Journaling.

Our simple habits: I have written about several more products we use from Doorposts for Biblical character training on Habits for a Happy Home:

The Doorposts products have been a part of our lives for over a decade now. I highly recommend them.


Have a homeschool question? or a helpful habit to share? Please do.

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