Weekly Wrap: Soap Science, Snow, Swim and Some Success!

This week was the one with all the Ss. And here’s why I love the weekly wraps hosted by Kris at Weird, Unsocialized Homeschoolers: Midweek I was lamenting that we we not where we needed to be. I had been sick and we’d gotten behind. We hadn’t really accomplished anything. Then, we got past midweek and things picked up. So, one bad day does not determine the week. But looking back over our days, I can see some learning successes.

Science: The girls and I all had a dental check up early in the week. It was like a science field trip because youngest girl got to play dental assistant as she was waiting for me to finish up. Ms. Debbie let her squirt the water and use “Mr. Thirsty”.

One morning we got totally sidetracked with an impromptu bubble experiment. It just may turn out to be someone’s real science fair project displayed at our homeschool group’s science fair next month. My floor is still sticky :)

We finished our Answers in Genesis Our Universe unit! It has been such fun to discuss NASA, ISS and astronauts. To close up the unit we’ll be making a model of the solar system.

Science Writing: Another science assignment for the older three is to pick an astronaut to research and report further on. Sixth grader picked Neil Armstrong, third grader chose Sally Ride and seventh grader chose Rick Husband.

We used a printable graphic organization from the Tapestry of Grace website for each of the older three to organize their thoughts.

Hodgepodgedad gathered all around to view some shuttle launches via YouTube.

Silhouettes in Nature: We tromped around in the snow! and it was the perfect opportunity for an Outdoor Hour Challenge on Winter Weather and Tree Silhouettes. Plus we’ve been really enjoying all the birds coming to the feeder.

Simply Math: Third grader is still asking to do sample Teaching Textbook lessons online. I think she just may be using it next year. Maybe a homeschool convention purchase in early May. She is still doing well in her Saxon lessons. Sixth and seventh graders are still moving along in Teaching Textbooks. But we have hit a few bumps. A few hair pulling sessions over certain concepts. I’ve heard good things about the ‘Key to’ curriculum. And look what came in the mail yesterday.

Strange Phenomena: Now here is what I had to make sure got into writing. As sixth grade boy is doing his Key to Decimals, he says, “this Math is cool. I love this Math!” Then, seventh grade girl prefaces what she says with, “Mama this is probably going to be the weirdest thing you ever hear but can I do another Math lesson?”

Plus, remember last week I shared about the living math I’m learning about through Cindy West’s Living Math ebook? Guess what?? The older three have all worked on fractions here and there this week. The older ones are multiplying and dividing fractions. Third grader is learning the basic concepts. Look what we did at lunch one day. Fractions with quesadillas!

Art: Nana treated us to a pastel tutorial, Love Birds. Plus we had such fun with this week’s Sketch Tuesday assignment: Something That Grows on a Farm. There’s still time for your children to join in. Sketches are due Monday. This afternoon we are making Valentine pictures to share. My aunt takes them and decorates around the dining area of the rehab unit of the local hospital. This is a wonderful habit we enjoy each holiday. A way to share all that extra, beautiful artwork!

Skills/Cooking Fun: still working on laundry days. The older ones are doing theirs pretty much on their own. I’m stepping in to fold. Kendra’s idea of each having their own basket really helped. It was time to graduate the older three to larger laundry baskets.

Need a quick something for tonight? Last Friday we made Pizza Bites

Double Chocolate Cookies (from a box of cake mix)

Quesadillas by the youngest two! They filled the tortillas with cheese then I did the grilling.

Someone else please step up during sickness: Mid-week I found myself calling for back up. I’ve had some sort of sore throat thing going on. Felt very much wiped out on Wednesday. So, the children did Teaching Textbooks on their own. Then, before lunch, Thomas Kinkade stepped in. I pulled out the Drawing Basics LifePac from Alpha Omega. We have had this for a while but had tucked it away. It was like brand new!

So, get the picture. I am on the couch and Thomas Kinkade is teaching the girls. Whew. Put your feet up Mama.

Then, youngest girl, on her own, found an old room time tape her Daddy and I had made. Long ago, back when the older two were toddlers. We recorded a stack of Five in Row books for the children to listen to then read along. She stayed occupied most of the morning.

The house was a wreck but children were happy  :)

Swim/Snow/PE: A birthday party at the local aquatic center counts, right?

Plus all that sledding and snow angel making.

I’d say the week could be summed up in this way: “If any of you lacks wisdom, he should ask God, who gives generously to all without finding fault, and it will be given to him.” James 1:5

How about you? What were your successes?


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    Wow, there is so much rich goodness here that it is going to take me a while to let it soak in so that I can bring some of it to my little homeschool. I love the way you let wonderful things happen on their own so that they can come to fruitition in the form of a science fair project. I like the way your family shares their learning experiences like watching the shuttle launch together. You know I like the kitchen math lessons and of course the pastels!! The pizza bites look like something I am going to have to try. You home always looks so warm and inviting and your family so loving. Thanks for sharing that with us.

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      Phyllis you inspire me. You know I have always admired the living math in your home. It’s taken me a while to incorporate it (or realize we were doing it with cooking and other things). You build so many wonderful learning experiences in your home. You encourage me so!

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    Tricia, I hope you are feeling completely normal by now. What a fantastic week despite the illness, though! Miss Priss loves to make cheese roll-ups for lunch: one tortilla, a generous sprinkling of shredded Cheddar, 30 seconds or so in the microwave, roll up and eat! And those double chocolate cookies look yummy, too. If my eldest asked to do another math lesson, I think I’d pass out. Good going!

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