Batch Cooking Black-eyed Peas in the Slow Cooker

Two bags. Two pounds.


Quick soaked. (Just followed the directions on the bag). But then…

Bunches of beans cooked on high then low throughout the day. Then socked away in the freezer in family-sized portions. Good cheap eats. Perfect with a pone of cornbread and a green veggie.

**Frugal tip – Make black-eyed peas in the slow cooker at Thanksgiving and you’ll have plenty for Christmas and New Year’s Day!

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Tricia faces a daily dose of chaos homeschooling five children. The biggest lesson she’s learned? At the end of the day – when the dishes are put away and the children are tucked in bed – truly what matters is each child’s relationship with the Lord. Raising children is a God-given privilege and, folks, the time is short.


  1. I love black eyed peas. Batch cooking a large amount in the crock pot and then freezing them is a really good idea!

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