Beloved Black Cherry Trash Can

Nana is so smart. I’m just gonna brag on her a minute. She decorated this trash can. Make something that is just everyday, you-don’t-really-see-it-even-though-you-toss-something-out-all-the-time, utilitarian into a piece of art.

Now she would say it’s easy. So that’s why the beloved black cherry trashcan is featured here in It’s Easy. She bought the big trash can and painted it up pretty.

She had heard the last of my sighs over taking trash out so often. Bigger trash can, less often emptying necessary. (Thankfully Bubba does that during the day now).

Thank you Nana!

I’ll ask her to comment here and explain just how she turned a plain ol’ trashcan into the beloved, big, black cherry trashcan.

Please excuse the splatters from all that loving.

from the 2009 archives


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    Nana says

    I am almost ashamed to comment on the decoration of this trash can…it IS easy, almost so easy a child would enjoy crafting this! You get a plastic can of your choice, it can be black like this one or even green. Size does not matter.

    one plastic trash can
    acrylic paints in red, green and white

    If your can is not new, clean off the surface. Pour your paints onto a paper plate and if necessary, mix a little water in until smooth. Paint red circles for cherries, clean your brush, paint a stem green and add green leaves. Clean your brush. As an accent, decide if your “light” or “sunshine” comes from the right or left on your cherries and put a slash or “comma” mark on each cherry.

    That’s it. I never chose to put a fixitive on the can, the paint does not rub off. Happy painting and make it pretty!

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    What a great idea! The painting makes it pretty enough to sit out in the kitchen. We endure long, cold winters, so I appreciate the desire to have a large trash can that doesn’t need to be emptied often!

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