M&M Teacher Gift

I’m starting to think of end of the year gifts for piano, drama and choir teachers. We may do this again because it is so easy and fun. Plus M&Ms are universally loved. From the archives…

Last year, we gave 18 bags of M&Ms to some very special choir and percussion teachers. Using the instructions from Domestically Speaking, we printed the poem. I emailed Hodgepodgedad and asked him to pick up two big bags of M&Ms from Sam’s Club warehouse store.

We simplified the directions and used the 1 cup measuring cup. Filled press and seal sandwich bags.

This morning, I put the crayons, bags and tape on the kitchen table. Four-year-old did some beautiful coloring.

Great practice with matching the color with the word.

Plus, any project with M&Ms is just plain fun.

The cost of the two big bags of M&Ms from Sam’s was $18. So, all together, about one dollar per teacher. Though each of those precious folks are worth far more than rubies :)

Click over to Domestically Speaking to cut and paste the poem. (We modified it a bit since we didn’t use a jar). Then go bless some teachers!


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    This is a great idea – I will forward it on to my co-op-ey friends. I did click into the post thinking selfishly – that the M&M’s would be a good thing to show up in the Workboxes or such this morning and I was ready to drive to the store . . . . ha ha. I did have a hard time one year we were involved in classes to come up with a simple thank you token outside of a bag of cookies, this would be very sweet!

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      That’s a great idea to put all the ingredients in a workbox Angie! Nana found this idea last year for us via her Google Reader :) We’re working on a little something else to pass out to choir teachers this week. Will share soon!

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