Sparklers: A Pastels Tutorial

I would never have known the amount of color wrapped up in a sparkler had it not been for Nana’s celebratory pastel. And, had it not been for Jenn’s (of Daze of Adventure & The Homeschool Post) suggestion for the next summer fun tutorial.

We peeked ahead to the July family calendar page. See all those sparklers? Here’s where the Independence Day fun starts!

Nana used the center photo as her guide…

…but we noticed how different each sparkler was. Like the extra long spark on Eldest boy’s sparkler. So, feel free to make your sparkler any way you’d like. We used white, yellow, blue and red.

Start with a black piece of paper. We cut one piece in half.

Nana said to start with brightest part of the sparkler. Make a ball to start from. That is the brightest and hottest part of your sparkler. Fill it in well!

From there draw your sparks out from the white ball. Start with white, making an X for each spark then drawing an extra line through your X.

13-year-old’s sparkler

Vary your sparkler with blue, red and yellow.

Eight-year-old’s sparkler

Now your wand. It’s blue. Then the light from the sparkler shines on the blue wand too (draw a white line right up next to your blue wand). You can decide if you’d like to do any blending of your sparkler. Just use your finger tip to blend if you’d like.

Nana’s sparkler

Make your sparkler as sparkly as you like!

A note on pastels: Pastels are an easy, forgiving medium. Fun for children and adults alike! Details on the pastels and paper we use, how and where to purchase, and links to all of Nana’s other pastel lessons (over 20 now!) are all contained in the post Pastels plus links to tutorials. A simple set is very affordable.

The practical aspects of a mess: Pastels are blessedly messy. We always have baby wipes close by to wipe hands. We wear something we don’t mind getting stained or don a smock.

Don’t you just love sparklers?



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    Oh, Oh, OH! I LOVE this!! I had planned on doing the watermelon for 4th of July week, but now I am going to do THIS one and the watermelon another week. Thank you so very much! I even still have some black paper left!

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    I love these! I am going to try and pull the materials together (I think we have them) and set them out for the kids on the 4th. Thanks!

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