A Month of Cooking Fun

Keeping up the Friday habit of sharing a helpful habit. Today, Cooking Fun! What is cooking fun? It’s simply the habit of letting the children have fun making something easy in the kitchen. We keep a Cook Box stocked with simple cake mixes and ingredients to make it even easier.

Since we are eating out of the pantry and freezer again, rather than share a meal plan that is very similar to the last challenge, I thought I’d share a month long version of Cooking Fun. But before I get to that, have you seen the printables available for menu planning and grocery shopping at $5 Dinners? Check out the printable resource center.

See, part of our summer plans are to try new recipes and, of course, mix up lots of familiar ones. We’ll be working these recipes into our annual Camp Hodgepodge Summer Camp at Home.

For the holiday:

We love SunButter®!

Tea Time!

  • Key Lime Pie by Kendra at Habits for a Happy Home
  • Lemonade Pie by Middle Girl
  • Mix up a pitcher of Kool Aide or Microwave Tea


Supper Time!

And, by using egg substitute when needed, it’s all allergy-friendly! All other Children in the Kitchen posts here.

If you’re interested in a month-long Slow Cooker Celebration, you can help older children put that crock pot to work here.

What else do you think we should mix up? Please share your recipes!

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Tricia faces a daily dose of chaos homeschooling five children. The biggest lesson she’s learned? At the end of the day – when the dishes are put away and the children are tucked in bed – truly what matters is each child’s relationship with the Lord. Raising children is a God-given privilege and, folks, the time is short.


  1. Oh, YUM! Ya’ll sure do cook good!

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