Pimento Cheese: Allergy Friendly Living

I could not let the week pass without sharing the joy over Lil’ Buddy joining the pimento cheese fan club. Oh, Mama Ann’s pimento cheese! But…with the mayonnaise it requires, youngest boy could not eat it. Egg allergy and epipen. But, I remembered that Addapinch posted a pimento cheese recipe with cream cheese rather than mayo. Well, now, who would turn their nose up at cream cheese?

Certainly not Lil’ Buddy. I added a dallop of the allergy-friendly pimento cheese to his favorite lunch – quesadilla. He promptly declared,

“This is the best quesadilla I’ve ever had!”

So there you have it. Click over to $5 Dinners for Mama Ann’s original recipe.


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    THank you!!! If I could kiss you right now, I would. lol You totally rock and I will have a very happy teenage boy over here soon!

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      Penny, I was just as excited as you! The consistency is a bit more like a good ol’ cheese ball. But so many possibilities. My eldest boy (not allergic) warms his pimento quesadilla in the microwave for a bit. Oh cheesy yumminess!

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    Heather says

    My daughter also has multiple anaphylactic allergies. We use Vegenaise, it is an allergy-free version of mayonaise. They make different flavors and versions. The one we use is free of every allergy except soy, also gluten free. They also make a soy free version but I have not tried it since this is not one of my daughters allergies. This recipe looks good. It looks similar to the one we make. For an adult version for ourselves, we add some cayenne and chili powder, then we put the sandwich on the formeman and grill it panini style. Super yummy!

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      Oh the panini style grilled pimento cheese sandwich sounds wonderful! And thank you for the tip about Vegenaise. I hadn’t heard of that. Allergy friendly living is certainly continuing education.

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