Blessed Beach

pure pleasure from the archives… I can almost smell the salt air…

“Something deep in all of us yearns for God’s beauty, and we can find it no matter where we are.” ~Sue Monk Kidd

A last minute decision to move up our vacation. Clothes thrown in a bag and we dashed south. Gratitude jotted down all week…

  • all taken care of at home
  • “Yeah! It’s the ocean!” ~Lil’ Buddy
  • watching a late night lightening storm over the ocean.

  • girls rolling in waves
  • black skimmers

  • calm ocean at sunrise
  • cigar smoke from next door, wafting and reminding me of my great-grandfather at the beach. A familiar smell of childhood opening up a flood of memories.
  • porpoises gliding, surprising us

  • bowls of ocean treasures
  • frizzy, beach hair
  • blonde heads matching the color of the sand
  • sunrise and coffee
  • channels and tidal pools

  • puffy beach clouds, thunderheads in the distance
  • bobbing heads in crashing waves

  • not using a hair dryer a whole week
  • lots of breaks from laundry
  • napping with littlest one

  • full moon reflecting on ocean
  • waking to break of dawn. Coffee on the deck with only the sea breeze and pelicans as my companions no hurry to make butter rolls
  • jumping waves with my girls
  • a sea turtle, popping his head up right in the middle of all of us as if to say, ‘how do I get out of this patch of humans?’

  • building drip castles
  • Lil’ Buddy giggling over waves, showing all his little Chicklet looking teeth
  • dripping bathing suits draped over deck chairs
  • clouds looking like cotton balls all stacked up
  • beach morning glory

  • sparkle on sea oats
  • beach friends
  • leftovers to pull out of the fridge when we are blessedly wave-weary
  • pelicans flying in formation
  • hide and seek inside
  • new-to-us board games
  • hermit crabs, shell treasures

  • crocheting girl and Nana patiently teaching
  • Jenny’s pink sauce for the hungry and worn out from playing so hard

  • starfish. starfish. starfish. starfish!
  • late lunch date with my husband (thank you Nana!)
  • grouper sandwich and Dr. Pepper

  • peaceful beach coffee
  • a seven-year-old’s “Good Morning!” startling me then her joining me on a last walk on the beach
  • spotting a black bear on the way home through the national forest 9:05 Sunday morning
  • Harris Wheeler piano music accompanying us home

  • home to kitties, tomatoes and sunflowers

Memories made. Moments savored.

Plus these gifts counted over this last week…

  • train tracks and whistles going before the sun rises because of early riser
  • backyard bunny visits
  • Friday night drive and talk time with Hodgepodgedad
  • all that we’re learning with Tapestry of Grace
  • such a fun homeschool group. The first homeschool moms meeting of the year and a back to school bash for the children – all in one week!
  • ideas for gifts for teachers – it’s time to start making things!
  • hummingbird chatter
  • two big kids, chuckling together
  • stitches out and anticipating swimming again!
  • two beachy pastel lessons from Nana we can enjoy again: At the beach and Weather.

Counting gifts 2629-2639

Beauty puts a face on God. When we gaze at nature, at a loved one, at a work of art, our soul immediately recognizes and is drawn to the face of God. ~Margaret Brownley


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