Lily Pad: A Pastels Tutorial

Stunning results on a black sheet of construction paper! That describes Nana’s latest pastel tutorial. After our wonderful trip to Lily Pad Pond, we really wanted to make some lily pads with pastels. So…

We cut sheets of black construction paper in half and gathered our colors.

Remember that in most of Nana’s tutorials, we begin a landscape by drawing the horizon? Well, for our pond, we drew a straight line across, about three quarters of the way up, with a light blue pastel stick.

Next, you can draw a simple lily pad shape with your light, almost lime green pastel. Nana said to sort of draw an oven mitt shape – with the thumb sticking out.

Add a few petals to your lily. You can add just a bit of pink to each petal.

Next we’ll make the water flow around the lilies? Isn’t it lovely? Take your deeper blue and turn it on its side. Start at the top of your water and add color all the way down to the bottom of your page.

Do it again with the turquoise blue.

And your black. You are layering colors. Remember that this is called skumbling? Blend it or fist the colors in together.

Finally, take your black and outline your lily pads. This will add just a touch of shadowing and emphasis your lilies.

Middle Girl decided to add cattails and dragonflies buzzing around.

We had a print out of this step-by-step drawing lesson close by.

13-year-old’s pond of lilies.

12-year-old’s pond scene.

And five-year-old decided to draw her own pond full of frogs. She had quite the memories from our marshy pond visit as well as the frog she found at the pool last week as well.

A great follow up to our August Outdoor Hour Studies pond studies. Are you ready to make a pond full of lilies? Or, maybe you’d prefer Nana’s Marsh Pastel Tutorial.

A note on chalk pastels: Pastels are an easy, forgiving medium. Fun for children and adults alike! Details on the pastels and paper we use, how and where to purchase, and links to all of Nana’s other pastel lessons (this is Nana’s 30th lesson) are all contained in the post Pastels plus links to tutorials. A simple set is very affordable.

The practical aspects of a mess: Pastels are blessedly messy. We always have baby wipes close by to wipe hands. We wear something we don’t mind getting stained or don a smock.


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