Christmas Ornament: A Pastels Tutorial

This lesson is quick enough to enjoy this week before Christmas. A present to you from Nana and the Hodgepodge!

Begin by choosing your favorite two ornaments. Place them on your table where you can get a good look while you use your pastels.

Take your black pastel stick and draw the simple, ball shapes. We had our ornaments propped next to each other, one circle blending into the next. So you might want to leave one circle open as we did. Add your little, square holder at the top of each ornament.

We colored our red one first. As you fill in the color, be sure to leave a section of white where the light is shining on the ornament.

Next, take your finger and blend in the color.

Then color in and blend the chalk on your second ornament.

Nana decided we needed a painterly effect around the ornaments. Each chose their own color. For the painterly effect, turn your pastel stick on its side and skumble – just gently brush your pastel around your ornaments. Then ‘fist in’ or blend the color with your fingers.

See how easy and fun that is? (You may even get a bonus pastel mustache!)

And clean up is quick with baby wipes. You might want to sign your name in the corner. (Do you like our paper towel bib for protecting clothes? It worked!)

Our finished pastels: Top center by 14yo, top left by 12yo, top right by 6yo, bottom left by Nana, bottom right by 9yo


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    Know what I got out of that lesson? Zip Lock. The Tub, see there? I’m still trying to put our pastel sticks back in color order in the original packaging. . . Doh. I am so going to treat these things like crayons! Especially since we started with the lowest brand/price our local mart had to offer. Thanks for the freedom!!!

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      Angie, yes! That zip top container was one I hastily threw together when we were headed off to Enrichment Day to share a pastel lesson. We still have our larger container – with somewhat sorted colors. But the smaller container is so very handy!

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    Anna says

    While I was looking the photos my daughter came in and said “Mommy, I want too!” So I guess we know what are we going to do during the rest of the day!:)
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