Duct Tape Bracelet Tutorial

Duct Tape Bracelet Tutorial at Hodgepodge Hello again. I’m back with another duct tape tutorial. This time a quick and easy bracelet!

You will need:

  • colored or printed duct tape
  • scissors

Here’s the duct tape bracelet tutorial (just 50 seconds!):


You can even find Duck tape brand tape in your favorite team colors. This bracelet I embellished a little with stripes. I also cut out the Georgia G and taped it to the bracelet. There are so many ways to make duct tape bracelets!

Here’s another way to personalize your bracelet. Also a close up showing how you just use a little piece of tape to close your bracelet.

Happy bracelet and bow making!

IMG_9788 More duct tape crafts:

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I'm the middle child of the Hodgepodge and the author of the Middle Moments blog.

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