Master Artist

When there is someone with amazing talent in your midst, you can’t help but share. Maybe since I’ve grown up with her paintings, her artistic touches, I might have taken her gifts for granted.
These gifts she has. Being able to look at something and copy it with her artist’s eye. To see it and translate it to another piece of paper.
The ability to see something in real life. To capture it in your mind. To transfer that love and bring it to life in vivid color. She does it. Beautifully.

Not only have her paintings adorned elementary school walls and children’s hospital wings, they’ve been the spotlight of each of my nurseries. The extra touch in a grandchild’s room.
Now she captures a grandchild for always. Her medium is pastels.

Her treasures adorn my walls all around.
The Master is using this artist. He’s highlighting her gifts.

Through flowers and clouds.

I get to witness it all. Every day on my walls.

And I just can’t be quiet anymore. My mother is a Master Artist. The Master’s artist. The Master is tapping those talents He gave.

I get to soak up the beautiful painter’s palette. We get to learn from her as she shares her gifts in lessons. Thank you, Nana.

From the archives, in honor of Nana. Counting the gifts of a talented Mama plus…

  • arts and crafts kits to keep Middle Girl busy and spark creativity
  • Friday night date with hubby enjoying soup and a warm bread bowl
  • time with cousins on a Saturday
  • eating a pimento cheese sandwich with Mama Ann while watching birds at her feeder
  • Aunt Mary Ann being led around by Lil’ Buddy
  • rainy afternoon and cozy inside
  • our church family
  • texts from a friend across the country
  • getting back into a regular routine
  • giggling siblings
  • big sister fixing younger sister’s hair
  • stacks of duck tape
  • stacks of clean, folded clothes
  • library books on the mantle
  • Nana’s squash casserole with Sunday lunch
  • a foggy, evening walk

What talents and gifts are all around you?


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    She is the Master’s artist! Such beautiful work…I couldn’t even choose a favorite because I liked them all:) What a blessing that your mom shares that gift with so many others.

    I also love the new family photo in the sidebar!

  2. 5


    Nana HodgePodge is WONDERFUL; her work, her love of you, her love for her grandkids and if I knew her more I’m sure I could list many more things that make her awesome!!!

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