The Biggest Lesson

Hold your hat – it’s a real Hodgepodge this week…

Why did this girl deserve an Oreo McFlurry? Another ER visit. All because of a whiffle ball. But you won’t believe it. So I have to tell you. It was deserving of a whole ‘nother post. And was the biggest lesson we learned all week: The Accident and the Amazing Answer.

The rest of our week…

We spent some time organizing but that’s also a whole ‘nother post to come…

Some homeschool highlights: We had a really, really productive week. Middle Girl helped Littlest Girl with a hammerhead shark display board.

We enjoyed a study of chickadees for our Outdoor Hour Challenge this week.

Painting – paint with water, painting our salt dough Italy map, painting with tempura paints. (those eyelashes – oh my!)

Complimentary apps for science. Apologia Biology flash cards.

Draw Squad fun. Big brother still teaching sister.

Plus, whiffle balls and an ER visit didn’t slow her down. Middle Girl shared a duct tape bracelet tutorial last night.

A couple Hodgepodge collages of the rest of the week: 1. a whole lotta socks. | 2. an animal house for stuffed animals | 3. making homemade cookies for homeschool moms meeting | 4. another batch of homemade laundry detergent | 5. pattern trains | 6. 10 lbs of SunButter arrives! | 7. Hearts and Trees kit | 8. practicing writing her name | 9. Painting Italy – Tapestry of Grace

Plus… 1. My Bird World App from BirdCage Press | 2. O for Owl with bookish look – ABC Bunny (FIAR) | 3. Practicing our phone number and 911 | 4. Hammerhead shark helps with Saxon Math | 5. Piano practice in early morning streaming light | 6. Waving bye to Daddy as he heads to work | 7. Brothers and lap warming cat | 8. Prints arrived from Worley Arts! | 9. The offending wiffle ball

Helpful Habit: Hodgepodgedad shares the Habit of Improving. I love the story of the bell hop!


Many thanks to our Friday hostesses…Camera Phone Friday hostess Dawn Camp @ My Home Sweet Home ,

Weekly Wrap-Up hostess Kris at Weird, Unsocialized Homeschoolers and


Mary at Home Grown Learners

Grateful for lessons learned. What did you learn this week?


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    What a week! Even without the wiffle ball incident, it was a busy week! My favorite photo this week is of the Hammerhead Shark board…wonderful!! Lots of happy, fun times, lots of cozy times and lots of concentrated work. What more could one ask for in a week? (Except the wb incident, right? We could have not had that one, I am sure.)

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    Rebecca says

    Tricia, first, thank you for sharing the Nature Study with me. We began it this month and it has been fun! WE studied the chickadees…have a few that enjoy our back patio and tree house, but I never could get a picture of those little chickies!!! I’ll try harder this week, (though with the rain…I may still fall short) So sorry to hear about the ER….and oy…reading posts like yours really make me want an iPad….God will have to provide something huge for that to happen!

    many blessings!

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      So glad to hear about the fun enjoying nature study Rebecca! The iPad was a Christmas gift for all the children and it has been a huge blessing. It took strategizing and saving to get it!

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    Girl, you were busy! Do you like the Apologia Biology app? There’s only one review on iTunes and it says they did one chapter and there were misspellings and you had to spell the word wrong to get it right. It really didn’t sound like they’d used it much.

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      We do like the Apologia Biology app. And, yes, we noticed the misspellings. It is very new and we figure those things will be fixed in updates. We are very new to it as well. Will give a more detailed review in weeks to come :)

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