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I thought that we could take a break from our wonderful pastel lessons and go explore a new medium…acrylic paint!  I have painted with acrylics for many years…using them to paint wall murals, tee-shirts…the paint is a very forgiving medium.  You can make a small investment at your local craft store and get enough basic, primary colors to mix any other color or hue that your heart desires!

Acrylic Paints:

Our local store is Michael’s Arts and Crafts.  I had advised the Liquitex brand of paint, but after Christmas, Liquitex was not on sale.  The Michael’s store brand, Artist’s Loft was very reasonably priced, so I purchased 7 colors of paint in 4 1/2 oz. tubes for about $2.99 each.  I am a believer in buying a BIG tube or jar for myself, but for introducing acrylics to the grandchildren, these were the best buy.  I bought yellow, red, blue…then the secondary colors of green, orange, violet and raw umber.

Paint Brushes:

Then I picked out at 25-piece set of all-purpose paint brushes…big, medium and small, and tiny brushes that could be abused by children without a big expense. This set was $10.99, I believe.

Paint Palettes:

Because my personal paint palette is a plastic microwave plate, I thought that I would splurge and buy a stack of disposable plastic palettes.  These can be thrown away if you like, but being super frugal, I just rinse the paint off the palettes after each use…These were $10.99 also – for a stack of 20 palettes – and you could put them on the top shelf of your dishwasher.


Next were the canvases, I picked up 2 packages of three 5×7 flat canvases for us to try out our newest art adventure! The canvases cost $3.99 for each package.   All of the supplies were Artist’s Loft brand, or Michael’s store brand.

That is it.  For about $50.00, you have the supplies to let your imagination run with it…just think…learning how to mix colors, how to use more water to make the paint thinner…the teaching goes on and on.  I am lucky because the children are super interested in art and usually make teaching a wonderful pleasure.  Not that we don’t have “melt-downs” if a picture does not suit the little artist, but most anything can be corrected with a dab or two of more paint!

A note on acrylics: Just like pastels, acrylics will wash off your hands easily. But if the paint gets on any fabric – it is permanent! We wear a smock and cover our painting surface – usually with newspaper.

Below are our acrylic tutorials. Enjoy!



Heart Collage: Mixed Media Acrylic


Dr. Seuss Cat in the Hat and Fish Acrylic plus colored markers


Peter Pan’s Hat in Honor of author James Barrie

Fall Trees Tutorial – make leaves with paper towels and spatters


Look Up! Summer Trees Acrylic #Art Tutorial 270x405

Look Up! Summer Trees – a lesson in perspective


A Seasonal Start in Chalk Pastels Spring 250

Find our Spring Trees Acrylic Tutorial in A Seasonal Start in Spring Chalk Pastels!

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  1. Cant wait to try it! We have tried acrylics in the past-thanks!

  2. After our vacation, we are getting the materials!

  3. Caroline Gill says:

    Hi there.
    We have loved the pastel lessons, and wanted to try out your acrylics too. I have downloaded the pdf for each one, but only get the first page each time. Please help!
    South Africa

    • Hi Caroline – I went through the steps of clicking the green, print-friendly button and creating a pdf of the acrylic lesson. I was unable to duplicate the problem you describe. Can you share the steps and I can help you get to the bottom of it? Maybe email me by clicking the little envelope icon at the top right? I’d be glad to help! Thank you.

      • I have tried to download several, and only get your welcome page, too. Tried to do this one, and the pastel fall leaf one – nothing worked. Hoping I work it out, as these look great!!

        • Caroline – can you email me with the steps to exactly what you are doing? (there’s a little email icon in the top right hand corner of the site) When I click the green print friendly button it opens up a new window. I then select ‘create pdf’ and it magically appears for me to print out. I’d love to help you…

  4. Caroline Gill says:

    Thanks for our prompt feedback. I went in again today and it worked. Might have been a connectivity glitch the first time around. I have them now and will be adding them in to our programme next week. So exciting!

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