Fast Food for Slow Sundays: Macaroni Spaghetti

Sometimes the simplest is the best and most filling for Sunday. Like spaghetti! Try some elbow macaroni to dress it up a bit. (This was Nana’s idea one Sunday). Add a side of garlic bread. Maybe a salad. Just boil your noodles up the day before. If you’ve cooked your ground turkey or ground beef in the slow cooker, just pull it out and microwave.

Add your favorite sauce. And enjoy!

For more Sunday lunch ideas – that can be enjoyed any day of the week, see the other recipes posted here in the Fast Food for Slow Sundays category or Fast Food for Slow Sundays at Habits for a Happy Home.


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    This is a great idea… I always keep crockpot spaghetti sauce in the freezer… then I can thaw it and add some noodles and cheese and bake and you have a yummy baked spaghetti

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