10 Easter and Spring Arts and Crafts

Easy Art Projects for Spring at www.hodgepodge.me Sharing arts and crafts to compliment all things spring!
Bird’s Nest: A Pastels Tutorial

Tornado: A Pastels Tutorial

Handprint Easter Lamb

Three Little Chicks: A Pastels Tutorial


Bubbles: A Pastels Tutorial

Queen Anne’s Lace: A Pastels Tutorial

Wedding Shower Paper Chain

Book Lover Wreath (Wreath made from paperback books)

Decorate a Trash Can with Cherries

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With our recent spring weather, we just might enjoy the tornado pastel tutorial again. Which one will you do?


  1. 3

    amy m says

    Tricia! Thank you and your mom for these wonderful tutorials! I am doing some of them with my kids over the summer. Love art… love the mess….love that the kids are having fun. Do you have a dragon or any other medieval tutorials? He loves drawing dragons…. :)

  2. 5

    Jan N. says

    Beautiful creations. Even though I found this post late, I can still “borrow” some of the ideas. I am working with a 5 year old autistic girl. I am searching the web for springtime/Easter themed crafts. Thank you.

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