Homeschool Makeover: History Shelf

The Problem: Spending time searching for what we needed to start our history studies. History books scattered throughout the house. Supplemental material getting lost in my stacks.

Answer: IKEA Expedit shelf! With two baskets for all those Tapestry of Grace extras (e.g., Map Aids and Writing Aids discs, Pop Quiz and more).

Yes, on another trip to IKEA, we got a 4×2 shelf with a couple of baskets. (Remember, we are spacing those trips out). Here is all the history goodness this shelf unit houses:

  • Tapestry of Grace spines – or the books we refer to for an entire Tapestry year
  • 1 basket – Tapestry of Grace POP Quiz CDs, lapbooks, Writing Aids and Map Aids discs
  • Tapestry History binders for each child
  • Tapestry Writing binders for each child
  • Visual Latin Binders
  • 1 basket for miscellaneous – don’t we all need a catch it all spot?

This shelf is also in the family room. The same place we have our…

1. Most Used Bookcase, 2.Around the Couch Expedit shelves and book rack 3. School Books on the Mantel and our 4. History shelf (photo of our red writing binders and Tapestry binders). We use these all the time.

In addition to our All Things Chalkboard/Redwall School Room (which is our living room remade).

If you are interested in more Tapestry of Grace, we’re pretty passionate about it around here. All these added this week:

The rest of the Hodgepodge week…

1. Eldest Girl reading Invitation to the Classics as Tapestry assignment | 2. A Hodgepodge of a family walk – loving more light in the evenings! | 3. Harmony Fine Arts Artist and Composer Study, Sketch Tuesday and more notebooking pages | 4. Such a nice day – Angry Birds party in the treehouse! | 5. Any other Spelling Workout fans out there? She’s the third in the family to enjoy it | 6. Reading to Daddy after supper

Plus we’ve had some simple St. Patrick’s Day fun. Just a cake mix, icing and Skittles (allergy-friendly!). All made by Middle Girl. We plan more fun tomorrow with ideas from Pinterest.

This afternoon we’re doing a little spring spruce up.

Many thanks to our Friday hostesses…

Camera Phone Friday hostess Dawn Camp @ My Home Sweet Home ,

Weekly Wrap-Up hostess Kris at Weird, Unsocialized Homeschoolers and


Mary at Home Grown Learners

and Holy Spirit-Led Homeschooling.

How was your week? Are you enjoying spring weather?


  1. 1


    Ikea furniture is so amazing — great stuff for a reasonable price. When we re-did our school room this winter, I added Trofast units with drawers, and those have been a wonderful tool for us.

    I love the “angry birds” party too. :-) My kids would definitely get into that!

  2. 2


    Love the cake!!!

    And there you go with the Expedits….love the organization of your history materials.

    Enjoy your weekend, Tricia.

  3. 3


    I LOVE Ikea! I was just there last week–TWICE!!!

    I can’t wait to re-do our homeschool room with Ikea stuff–but my girls have overtaken it with Barbies–I am waiting for this phase to be over to overtake it with shelving and worktables!

    • 7


      Thank you all! I think there is a general IKEA love amongst homeschoolers :) Yes, great organization the frugal way. That was a great start to the spring spruce up. Boy it feels good to get going on it. And yes, I’m so grateful for yard helpers!

  4. 10


    Wow! I am so looking forward to our new school room. You have such a beautiful set up. Ikea was my favorite store back home. I so wish there was one closer here!

  5. 11


    Your shelves are looking mighty good….so pretty and organized. :)

    Love seeing the spring spruce up photos too…wish our rain would stop so we could get outside. 6 inches in the past two days. We had no winter and now we are getting all our rain in a week.

  6. 12


    I LOVE your homeschool room. We have one, not as awesome as yours, but it rarely gets used. We are all over the place. :) Those IKEA shelves are perfect aren’t they?

    Love that cake and the picture of Angry Birds in the treehouse. :)

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