Homeschool Workboxes: Reorganization By Subject

In the last weeks of school we realized something. Our homeschool room organization was off. Well, not only had we not kept up with the paper overflow but we realized we’d outgrown the current system. See, we still use workboxes with the younger three children. And a few here and there for the older two for specific purposes, like art supplies.

Make Workboxes Work For You

So, we pulled everything off the shelves (Aaaaa! That always hits me with a bit of overwhelm) and reworked the hodgepodge. Here’s the big realization: We realized that the workboxes would be most useful organized by subject. Rather than each child having a separate spot and their own workboxes – we arranged subject areas. Learning centers, maybe? So, now all the Language Arts is in one area. All the Math (and pencils!)

Rather than three separate areas for three children, we now have:

  • one area for all five children’s math. (Teaching Textbooks math cases and disks in workboxes to the right of the computer)
  • all the language arts in workboxes on the left hand side of the desk.
  • all the preschool and now first grade! workboxes on the big bookcase – down low where the younger two can reach them.
  • Our workbox history here

This reorganization will still need some tweaking and prep over the summer. But that’s basically it. And it makes sense. I encourage you to make those workboxes work for you!

Math on the right hand side of the chalkboard desk. Language arts on the left hand side.

We still have the other subjects in the family room in our IKEA bookcase basket cubbies. All our Tapestry of Grace materials mostly in one bookcase. And a science and nature bookcase (the most used bookcase – right beside the kitchen table). Plus IKEA baskets on either side of the family room couch for Bible studies, notebooks and crafty things. I shared about all these over this last year. Because you might be like us – moving things around now and then to fit your needs, you might be interested in:

Here’s a quick look at the rest of the week with a Hodgepodge collage…

Summer has so much to do with outside and we are enjoying the beauty! 1. Hello beautiful little rose in the front yard. | 2. Morning glory mingles with four o’ clocks | 3. Honeybees are happy on our sunflower | 4. Cucumber and vinegar salad side for supper – thanks to Middle Girl’s garden bounty!

More Hodgepodge from this week… 1. Circle Art fun from Skip to My Lou Craft Camp (you must do it too) | 2. (I love this photo so much) Happy Father’s Day Daddy! | 3. Two girls serve us supper – taking our orders and serving in courses | 4. Cool pool guy

And a quote from the Bible study I’m enjoying from my Sunday school class…

“What can you do differently today to “scrape the plate” – to gather up all the good things around you and begin enjoying the journey of your life?” ~ Priscilla Shirer, The Resolution for Women

Many thanks to our Friday hostesses!

What summer fun is filling your days? Have you reorganized anything for school yet? Or – do you also homeschool all over the house and everywhere?


  1. 1


    I love the Varsity Hat! :-)

    We had modified workboxes last year and they worked really well. This year we have organized by subject (each IKEA cubby seems to get a subject now) and that is working pretty well. My upstairs “school room” is more of a book room and computer room and we do most of our school downstairs in the family room and kitchen. Funny how that works, isn’t it?

    I always appreciate all of your tips. I’m off to check out that circle craft right now, Tricia!

    Thanks for always linking. I appreciate your support!

  2. 3


    I have found that a well run homeschool needs constant tinkering! We have never had enough workbooks or know enough in advance what we are going to do to add work-boxes to our school, but I have heard that they are great for a large number of people. I love your variations and how you have adapted it to meet the needs of your family. I do want to try that art project. You made it look like so much fun! I love the expressions on your servers. You have really instilled in them the servant’s heart. Wonderful!!

  3. 4


    Great quote!

    We love using workboxes and I can see how organizing by subject would make a lot of sense, especially as the kids get older.

  4. 5


    I’m sooooo glad you posted the pic of your homeschool room! I saw it a couple of weeks ago and the kids “Xed” out my internet page beforeI could mark it. Then I forgot which site I saw it on!! We have a large window in our dining room where we do most of our school and have always wanted to put a blind of some sort on it. Seeing your pic inspired me! We have had an old US map from a local school that was torn down in our garage for a couple of years! My father – in – law has the map now to fix the handle and come up with a hanging bracket. I used your pic for the desktop background pic to show him where I got the idea from!
    Thanks for the inspiration!

    • 6


      Shelly – hooray! I’m glad to hear of someone as enthusiastic about maps as window treatments. And how blessed you are to have your handy father-in-law. If you get a chance, I’d love to see a picture of your finished map.

  5. 9


    I heart IKEA!!! :) We are doing the workboxes this year. I have gotten one of the popular crafty drawers things back a few months ago when it was on sale AND had a coupon 😉 I was so excited. I am about to start the redo on our homeschool room too. We have got to get it ready to go for the next year! Super excited :) Those pics are gorgeous and I love the Father’s Day pic!

  6. 10


    It’s neat to see how others organize their homeschools! Next year I am going to continue using our work binders, but I will slip in worksheets, lined paper and what-have-you between 5 dividers. Each section will represent that days paper work. And on the front I hope to have a workbox grid with picture subject cards that the kids will flip as they complete their work. I’m hoping this will keep us more organized and productive and the kids will feel a sense of accomplishment by flipping those cards.

  7. 12


    Our daughters are 13 and 14, so instead of workboxes (which I would totally use if I had younger students!), we use a filing drawer. Each girl has a wire mesh rolling file cart. It has a small drawer on top and a file drawer on the bottom. We store their school books on top as well as a small organizer with drawers for pencils, pens, makers, etc. In their files, they keep their spirals, folders or lap books for each subject.

    I also build a planner for them each year with all of their assignments listed and the ability to schedule themselves for their schoolwork for the week. This planner info can be found at

  8. 13


    Love the pull down maps as window coverings – such an AWESOME idea! I use workboxes for my little one as well. Changing it around this year, so I’ll be browsing your site for some ideas! We need to be portable (I work outside the home and Daddy has tons of doctor appts) so we used a binder last year. This year our idea is 31 organizing utility bag with a file box – we’ll see how it goes!

    • 14


      Thanks Patty! I agree. Workboxes are a wonderful concept. Use them if they bless your homeschool. And, as you are saying, make them work for you. Brilliant idea to use a binder, utility bag and file box!

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