Southern Living’s Strawberry Pretzel Ice Box Pie

Now I must start by saying that this is much more time than I usually spend on making any sort of meal or treat. However, as the recipe says, this is worthy of a special occasion.

And oh sweetie pie! Indeed it is. Take a gander at the photos and I’m sure you will agree. Plus, the Strawberry Pretzel in the title got me. That combination is most magnificent. Sweet strawberry and salty pretzel. I’ve always loved strawberry pretzel anything, haven’t you?

Throw in that Ice Box part here in the midst of summer heat and I’m won over. Did I mention the recipe is from Southern Living?

—–> So you only have to click over for the Strawberry Pretzel Ice Box Pie recipe.

And notice that it calls for real whipping cream. And sweetened and condensed milk. And real pureed strawberries.

That will convince you that you must make it too.

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  1. Oh, yes!!

  2. It was the best of the best! Absolutely out of this world!!

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