Help! I’m Homeschooling! 10 Pieces of Advice I Wish I’d Known

Dear Homeschooler,

There were so many titles I could have given this list: Encouragement for all homeschoolers, 10 pieces of advice for a new homeschooler, What I Wish I’d Known When We Started Homeschooling, My Best Advice, Don’t Let Homeschooling Get You Down. Whatever the title, I hope you will find something to urge you on.

1. God will fill in the ‘gaps’

He has designed each of your children with specific gifts and talents. Each unique. And He says, “I know what I’m doing. I have it all planned out—plans to take care of you, not abandon you, plans to give you the future you hope for” in Jeremiah 29:11. When troubled, take a look at the awesome homeschoolers of history (e.g., Abraham Lincoln). The Pioneer Woman shared a wonderful list of Famous Homeschoolers. Here’s more encouragement: Six Reasons Why You Should Not Worry About Gaps.

2. Major in the three Rs in the younger years.

Read, read, read. Snuggle up on the couch. Work on phonics, simple math problems. Build those skills because everything else grows from those basics. A solid foundation in reading, writing and arithmetic is important. Don’t get distracted by shiny boxes of curriculum.

Chalkboard Solar System

3. Wait on formal science until 3rd grade.

This advice was given to me by fellow mothers in my homeschool group. I whole heartedly agree! There will be time for formal science. Go to the library and load up on books on a science subject your child is interested in.

Enjoy growing a love for God’s world through nature study. I remember back to when my older two were both under three years old, dropping a leaf and watching it float down the stream. When it rained, we built a tin foil boat and watched it float around the curb in the cul-de-sac. Simple discoveries that help a child enjoy the outdoors.

4. Act like homeschoolers.

Learn from me and don’t try to reproduce a school setting at home. Make learning natural and comfortable. Build learning centers. My friend, Cindy West, has a wonderful article on learning centers at Heart of the Matter. Plus, at the heart of our homeschool makeover series, is the goal of making learning easy. Take advantage of the freedoms in your schedule. Move your learning outside on a nice day.

This bright, new day, complete with twenty-four hours of opportunities, choices, and attitudes comes with a perfectly matched set of 1,440 minutes. This unique gift, this one day, cannot be exchanged, replaced, or refunded. Handle with care. Make the most of it. There is only one to a customer!  ~ from my  Ellie Claire journal

5. Don’t skip Bible study and quiet time with the Lord for academics. (And that includes mom!)

Teach to the heart. Devotionals and Bible studies are built into our curriculum budget. Some of our favorite resources are in Devotionals and Other Resources. And we aim to keep The Word Within Sight.

6. Life is messy. Habits help.

At the risk of being a broken record, I’ll just simply point you to the Ultimate List of Helpful Habits. This page includes our homeschool habits and all our housekeeping habits are here.

The best thing that you can give your children, next to good habits, is good memories. ~Barbara Johnson

7. Stress life skills.

The goal is for our children to be responsible, God-fearing adults. Let your children learn the stuff of real life while at home. Let them fail under your care. Drive the lawn mower. Plan the menu (or the making of the afternoon treats).

8. Enjoy activities close by.

Especially when my children were little, I would worry over the fact that I was not taking them on all the field trips. But, we were visiting my grandmother every week. And we participated in the state fair, turning in art entries.

Go to the farmer’s market. Walk the little trail down the road. It doesn’t have to be hard or take much time.

9. Laugh.

Especially when doing math. When you want to scream, just sing. You might consider dancing with the dishes.

Laugh at yourself first before anyone else can. ~ Elsa Maxwell

10. “Prayer first; prayer before anything or there isn’t anything else.”

~ words with and

But also prayer throughout the day. Practical Prayer – “Breathe out… send a prayer up… Breathe in…soak up His wisdom, give thanks. It’s a conversation. It’s easy. Something you don’t even have to put effort into.”

If your children have the habit of prayer then they will always have the answers. Just pray. All Day. The little saying I share often…

You can’t change what you have or haven’t done over the past year. Just start where you are, ask the Lord to make you a “joyful mother of children,” pray for grace and wisdom (and strength and patience), and move forward. ~ Vicki Bentley, HSLDA and Everyday Homemaking

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What advice can you offer?



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    I totally agree with 2 in that my youngest was a slower reader. But even my good readers did a lot of reading. So read, read, read, is right. And #one is so true. Very glad God is there to fill in the gaps. I know there is always gaps…we just can’t cover everything. But they turn out all right in the end. God’s got our backs.

  2. 4


    I’m glad to know about the science one. It is my achilles heel. I thought we needed to do formal science and now it’s my kids least favorite subject. Fact is, the LOVE exploring nature, figuring out how things work, watching science based videos. Thankfully, we aren’t so far along we can’t correct for my mistakes. (Which is why I like the “God will fill in the gaps” one too.

  3. 5

    Jeff says

    I am a Ph.D. Chemist & I work with engineers. My wife homeschools our 6 children. I like #3 but I would propose it doesn’t go far enough. Science is a systematic study of the universe. It can be built by developing skills of observation, documentation, analysis, and critical thinking combined with fostering curiosity. There is little value, IMO, in learning science for the sake of science until students have the mathematical background to really understand the phenomena. Have the kids observe, draw, and journal. Encourage them to push forward in their math. But don’t sweat any formal science curriculum until your local homeschool laws require it. You can wait until late middle school or beginning of high school if you want to do so. We are focusing on the skills of doing scientific experiments and writing lab reports (using scientific methodologies) through middle school. We are also emphasizing that math is the “grammar” of science. I fully expect the kids to be able to master the high school science material with this background. Of course none of this should be taken to discourage a student’s own scientific interests. Let ’em charge ahead as fast as they want to!

  4. 7


    Thanks for reminding us to “Act Like Homeschoolers!” That’s often so hard for me as a former public school teacher! Well said!

  5. 9


    The advice at the end is especially awesome! I really need to remind myself of that one. It’s easy to be too hard on myself and worry about what didn’t get done instead of celebrating what did. Great list!

  6. 11


    These are SO WISE, Tricia. I love what you say about God filling in the gaps. I haven’t been at this that long, but I can so obviously see how the Holy Spirit is always present in our homeschool.

    I also love all of your habits – I learn a lot from you – thank you!

  7. 18

    Tami Owens says


    I couldn’t agree more. God has been showing me we should spend a little more time on the “extras” and the character and life skills while they are still young this year. Thank you for sharing this!



  8. 19

    Fonny says

    Thank you so much for sharing! I will start homeschooling my kids in the coming semester.. and I really feel overwhelmed & discouraged.. Will I be able to teach them ‘properly’, etc, etc.. But your article has encouraged me so much & reminded me that God would fill in the gaps.. Thank you once again…

    • 20


      He will provide as He always does and give you the strength you need for each day. It is refinement by fire but His mercies are new every morning! Blessings on starting your journey. Excited for you :)

  9. 21


    This is a fantastic post! Everything is spot on. I just recently posted an article on my blog about the importance of teaching and focusing on the 3 R’s in the early years. I wholeheartedly believe in that. Always important to pray, as well. Great article! Thank you for sharing.

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