Duct Tape Epipen Bag and Allergy Awareness Prep

Allergy Awareness and Back to School

Each year about this time I make an allergy awareness assessment for my children. Here are a few things I do to prep for the new school year:

  • Check epipen expiration dates. Renew prescription if needed.
  • Make allergy check up appointments.
  • Update the allergy plan paper kept in each of my children’s bags.
  • Order new allergy alert wristbands, if needed.

alert bracelet I shared about the wristband/bracelet and more resources at Food Allergies on a Budget…

Duct Tape Epipen Bag/Purse

Epipens go everywhere with us. And over the weekend, guess what Middle Girl made for her little sister? A duct tape epipen bag! She let her little sister choose the pattern she’d like. Then she measured the box with the set of epipens.

I asked her to make a strap long enough for her sister to wear the bag across her front. The bag is open at the top so that you can clearly see the epipens inside.

There’s even enough room for liquid Benadryl spoons! Middle Girl made the new bag in about 10 minutes. If you’d like to make a duct tape purse or epipen bag, it’s easy and fun. Just follow the instructions in the video in Middle Girls’ Duct Tape Purse Tutorial.

Yes, even homeschoolers need to be prepared for a new year of back-to-school. Especially in the area of life-threatening allergies. It’s a good time to assess supplies. And my two allergic children will soon have new teachers at church – in Sunday school, choir, mission friends, puppets and more. It’s my job to explain to these adults the seriousness of anaphylaxis.

A handy allergy alert wristband and a duct tape epipen bag are great allergy awareness tools. Being safe can be stylish too!

What are your favorites?

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  1. 1


    That is the most fashionable epi-pen bag I have ever seen…too cute! As a sidenote, did you realize your little girl is not looking like a little girl so much any more? She has that “I’m growing up look” about her.

    • 2


      I know, she definitely is! But I’m trying to stay in denial just a little longer…

      We are so pleased with the epipen bag. Middle Girl is busy thinking of little pockets for the inside – for Benadryl spoons and the alert wristband. And we’re thinking of one for Little Buddy – made with Mario Bros duct tape. Boy style!

  2. 3

    Sarah says

    Love those wristbands! What a cool way to keep safe. On the bag, are you worried about the Epipens falling out? My little allergic guy is just 1 so he’s years away from carrying his own stuff, but it’s good to know how older kids manage theirs.

    • 4


      Well, this little duct tape bag makes for a snug fit for the epipens. We talked about a fold over cover but decided against it because we wanted others to be able to see what it was. We may even label it more prominently somehow :)

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