Hodgepodge Curricula 2012-2013

Our Homeschool Curricula 2012-2013

Over the last several days I have been sharing our plans for each of our children. Each grade plan plus the tools for teaching the skills and knowledge we desire for them. Using our Hodgepodge Homeschool Method, we pray they will grow in the knowledge and wisdom of the Lord. So, below are the plans along with the organization and consideration of learning styles.

“True education is teaching children how to learn, equipping them to learn, and guiding them into their specific life-purpose by God’s Design.” Wisdom’s Way of Learning by Marilyn Howshall

My Planner

A dear reader asked if there was a certain planner I use. I asked her if she would be surprised if I answered it is a hodgepodge? Truly my favorite is a blank spiral notebook. But I am also very fond of Evernote. In addition, I like the daily tasks printable page in Homeschool Creations’ Weekly Homeschool Planner. Plus, I mentioned yesterday in my high school post that the High School Planner was a new delight for me. I’ve also purchased and will soon be getting acquainted with Homeschool Tracker.

Plan for Multiple Ages

I’ve shared with you the basic subjects for each age this past week but today I share the meat of our homeschooling. All the learning we enjoy together! These are those subjects we enjoy as One More Thing After Lunch (or a few more things).  How To Fit In All The Extras.

Much of this curricula my husband and I have reviewed at The Curriculum Choice. For more on how we use these in our home, click the highlighted links or click here to view them all.

Tapestry of Grace

Besides the 3 Rs, Tapestry of Grace is definitely a mainstay of our homeschooling. Tapestry of Grace (my curriculum review here) covers eight subjects for all ages. (All our Tapestry resources are on one page here.) Everyone participates in this unit study approach which includes History, Writing, Vocabulary, Geography, Bible, Worldview, Arts and Activities, Literature and Music.

Tapestry of Grace Year 2 Topics for all: Early new world colonies and Eastern Europe, of crowns and colonies, the age of revolutions, battles for independence, articles of the confederations, writing the Constitution and more.

Science: Answers in Genesis unit study

This semester we’ll enjoy God’s Design for the Physical World: Inventions and Technology. Though this curriculum only goes through middle school and the older two will be doing Apologia Biology, we all participate in a short lesson a few times a week.



Life skills as we go about our day (specific ones for our older children), our service opportunitiesManners Made Easy and accompanying Manners Made Easy for Teens.


Outdoor Hour Challenges via Handbook of Nature Study.


Fine Arts


      • Younger three participate in weekly children’s choir at church, including hymn memorization program
      • Weekly piano lessons for 5th grader
      • 9th grader maintains skill level practicing independently

“Seek God in your homeschool. His burden is easy. His yoke is light.” ~ Wisdom’s Way of Learning by Marilyn Howshall

Additional Resources

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 What are your favorite resources?


  1. 1

    Pam says

    Hi Tricia. Will this be your first year grading now that you have a highschooler or do you start before now?

  2. 3


    I wish you the very best year with Harmony Fine Arts…I know you enjoyed your last level so keep me posted how this year goes. I posted my curriculum selections this morning too after a marathon week of picking and choosing. Once you get started with HST you are going to like it as a planning tool for you too. I keep notes in the “journal” under the teacher tab for things I need to gather, things left to plan, things to get from the library, etc. It really helps me keep on track.

    It looks like a wonderful year…full and interesting. :)

    • 4


      Thank you so much Barb! We are grateful for all your wonderful resources and encouragement. You enrich our homeschool in many, many ways. I spent some time on Homeschool Tracker this afternoon…watching tutorials and learning :)

  3. 5


    Tricia, I have enjoyed reading about your curriculum in your previous posts….and I was at Hobby Lobby the ohter day, looking for a wooden box for our chalk……I could not find it…so, I’m still seeking and searching!

  4. 7


    I appreciate you sharing your tips such as how to fit in the extras. I also find that I enjoy the curriculums that work well with multiple ages so that we can work as a family. All the best to you this year!

  5. 9


    I can’t believe I have a third-grader — having a high schooler in the house is almost incomprehensible (though I know it will happen before i know it!) I wanted to let you know that your blog inspired me to start using pastels with my kids this year. I’ve been trying to figure out a way for them to get more hands-on art time, and pastels look like a perfect option. So thank you!

    I hope you all have a great school year!

  6. 10

    Nana says

    Congratulations to Hodgepodge for the beginning of another wonderful year of learning! And to Hodgepodge Mom for yet one more time earning her PHD of Homeschool…….


  7. 12


    Looks like a good (and busy) year. I’ve tried Homeschool Tracker and several other planners, but I keep coming back to just doing my own eclectic thing.

  8. 13


    Hi Tricia!
    Love your pastels drawers!!! Awesome!!!
    Love the Answers in Genesis activities!
    Have not been doing much with Twitter lately, as still am recovering from surgery and now, the boys are sick, but am slowly getting back into blogging and just love Pinterest. Have pinned many things from your boards.
    love your recipes and love your blog!

    Popped by from the “Not-Back-to-School” Blog Hop: Curriculum Week!

    Hope that you have a happy homeschool year! Happy planning for 2012-2013!
    Hope that you will pop by to say hello over at my blog and my Pinterest boards too!
    Colleen a.k.a. Pinterest Mama
    Sunrise Learning Lab

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