Ultimate List of Easy Slow Cooker Recipes

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Give me easy. Mix a few ingredients. Make it simply delicious.

In the practical world of homeschooling and feeding a crowd on a budget, a long list of ingredients does not make the menu plan. I want to put the slow cooker to work while I take care of other things.

In fact, the first month of back-to-school, I use the slow cooker almost exclusively. So here’s to easy, slow cooker recipes of all kinds!

Using the Slow Cooker for Batch Cooking

My Fast Food for Slow Sundays series

My Slow Cooker Recipes at $5 Dinners


Favorite Meals


the story of the red and white checked cookbook



CookbookBundle And the Southern Hodgepodge cookbook bundleSunday Savings and Southern Celebrations plus the freebie Slow Cooker Batch Cooking.

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  1. Tricia,
    I always enjoy reading your easy, down to earth (and southern) recipes!! Pinning, sharing, stumbling…..and sending you tons of thanks for this…..

  2. The picture of your daughter in the chef’s hat is cracking me up!! This is a fantastic resource. My family thanks you in advance!

  3. What a fabulous resource! Thank you for sharing all these wonderful recipes – it’s like discovering a new cookbook :) That is such a cute photo of your daughter as well!

  4. Thanks ladies. I just love tucking the ingredients in the slow cooker and walking away :) And that littlest girl of mine is one of my biggest helpers in the kitchen! Enjoy, y’all!

  5. This is wonderful! I am sure to click back here many times to pick up a quick and easy recipe. {Hugs.}

  6. Pinned!

  7. Oh! Thank you, thank you, thank you! What an awesome reference page to have bookmarked! You really need to write a cookbook! Your talents are such a blessing and you are an encouragement to me, friend! And I love the photo of G.A.!

  8. Thanks for this. I can’t wait to go through the list closer when the kids nap today! :-)

  9. Reading this at (of all times!!) right before lunch! Growl, growl…there are some yummy, almost forgotten recipes here…what a great resource! I might be moved to cook again….


  10. I never really considered using my slow cooker for batch cooking, but it makes sense because of its size. Thanks for sharing the great list!

  11. What a wonderful resource–just in time for “back-to-homeschool”! There’s plenty of inspiration here for me for a good while! :-)

  12. Thank you, thank you, thank you!! As we jump back into homeschooling, I’ve been making more and more use of the slow cooker, and it is SO nice to have new recipes to try. :) I especially love the $5 section! 😉

  13. Thank you, from the bottom of my slow-cooker!!!

  14. Thank you all – I just finished putting the ingredients for the Mexican Chicken in my slow cooker. Topping with avocado, maybe some sour cream and a side of chips. Looking forward to supper tonight.

  15. wow this is a great list. Thank you. I have been looking for slow cooker recipes to try and you have some that sound delicious.

  16. Love my slow cooker. Thanks for sharing these recipes!

  17. Thank you for all of these wonderful links. I’m so excited to try these recipes. Thanks again!

  18. GREAT LIST! Totally pinning this for future reference. Dealing with Chronic Illness… I could and would use tons of slow cooker recipes! So much easier than standing over a stove!!! =)

  19. This is exactly what I need for these next few months of school and menu planning. Thank you so much :)

  20. Thank you Tricia for all these wonderful recipes! I am a crock pot fanatic!

    And thank you for listing Blessed Beyond a Doubt!


  21. I love using my slow cooker! Thanks for putting all these yummy recipes in one place!

  22. This is great! I love to use my slow cooker and freezer cook. I am going to bookmark this page so I can come back and read more of the links.

  23. I’m hungry now! Can’t wait to try some of these recipes.

  24. You might enjoy hearing that we had Old Bay Chicken last night. (It is funny because we actually had never had it before!) Everyone loved it! Thanks for the reminder.

  25. Awesome stuff for very busy moms! I love slowcookers and so do my cooking duties one night a week children !

  26. I was just telling my husband today that I am going to use our slow cookers more. Thank you for all the great recipes!

  27. I really appreciate all these recipe suggestions. I’ve got two crock pots and few good recipes for them. It’s wonderful to have all the hard work done for me. All I’ve got to do is follow the instructions and gather the family for a great meal. Can’t wait to try the desserts, too!

  28. Thank you for sharing this great list! WOW! I just wanted to let you know that when you click on the tilapia (foil) recipe, it takes you to a site with a backed potato recipe. I did find the tilapia recipe by searching your site and am excited about trying it (but thought you’d like to know about the link).
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  29. Hi!

    Can i ask which size of crock pot you use for feeding your family. We have 3 children (soon 4!) under 8 years old who are all big eaters, so i am abit unsure what size to buy. Thank you so much!


    • Julie – yes, you need a large slow cooker for your growing family. I believe ours is a 5 or 6 quart. It is not labeled – and I can’t tell from searching online. It has an oval shaped insert. Hope that helps!

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