How to Frame Your Days with Nature Study

Small spurts of outdoor time frame our days. It’s simple and works for us.

  • “I just need to go outside and swing for a few minutes before I start my math.”
  • “I finished my math, can I go outside for a few minutes?”

If we notice something, we pause to take a look…

  • “Oh, there’s a slug at the bottom of the back door!”
  • “Mama, there’s a lizard!”
  • “Look! I found an acorn!”

A spider web in the door frame you can’t help but study. Plus a ground web you almost step in outside and a wolf spider you almost step on in the house.

Do a subject, run outside. Just one more thing after lunch, then go play. Build something.

Print out a nature grid, place it smack in the center of the kitchen table. They will notice. (October’s Handbook of Nature Study newsletter is all about trees. Four parts of a tree nature prompt by Middle Girl). There’s even a free, printable tree study grid.

Sit still and notice. The window framing your view.

Team up with a brother or sister and go on a scavenger hunt. See what you can see.

The whole earth is full of His glory! ~ Isaiah 6:3

And, of course, take an evening walk and enjoy the sunset.


More nature inspiration:

How are you enjoying these fall days and the color on all the trees? Click to leave a comment.


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    Nana says

    I so often wish that I could have had a teacher like you when I was growing up…your children are SO lucky!

  2. 5


    Once again, thorougly enjoyed your blog entry. Your timing is impeccable as well. Now that our weather is cooled off and our trees are just turning, my daughter and I were just talking about starting our outdoor Nature Studies and where to begin. You have given us a great jumping off point. We haven’t ever done Nature Studies before, but you have given a great place to start. Thanks again for sharing.

    God Bless,
    Kimmie H. <3
    Kim H. recently posted..With Faith All Things Are PossibleMy Profile

    • 6


      Kim – what a sweet comment! Nature study really need not be complicated. I’ve learned that from Barb at Handbook of Nature Study. Just the simple stepping outside and noticing. So much to appreciate and enjoy in this beautiful world God created. Thanks again!

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