6 Frequently Asked Homeschool Resource Questions

Here are a few questions that I get asked quite frequently – with the answers – all in one spot!
Where do you find those baskets you love? IKEA. That place I love to go. The baskets we use are the branas rattan. (and they were bought a few at a time, over time and with birthday money).

Where can I get those little desks? Well, these days, maybe on eBay? Our little desks were a gift from Nana when we first started homeschooling. She purchased them on sale from Pottery Barn Kids. (Starting a Morning Routine with Young Children and Preschool and First Grade Curriculum and Organization). I’ve checked frequently and they are no longer on sale there.

How Do I Start Art with Little Ones? Nana answers. “And we do start them young! But… we do not require much of the youngest ones and make it only fun.”

Which Tapestry of Grace year are you studying? Year 2 – Tapestry of Grace at Hodgepodge (Coming soon – how to plan Tapestry of Grace for multiple ages).

I’m overwhelmed already but would love to add in nature study. How do I add it? Getting Started at Handbook of Nature Study. And here at Hodgepodge – Cultivating Curiosity with Nature Study

My high schooler is already in overload with subjects yet I would love to add in art and nature. How do I do that without stressing him/her out? How to Fit in All the Extras and Survive

What are some homeschooling questions you are frequently asked?


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    aSprinkling says

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    How will I teach my son high school? (I don’t have a degree)
    And my son often gets asked about his friends and I hear remarks about him needing a play mate. (He does have friends. We just don’t see them every single day and he’s an only child).

    It’s almost like we’re being interrogated.

    Certain people don’t seem concerned with how well he’s doing academically and how good he is talking with people of different ages. I have to admit that sometimes the guilt rubs off on me. I worry if he’s “socialized”. My husband wants to take our son out of karate because he seems to be getting too violent. Also I worry that he has a hereditary disease my father had and that I’m getting tested for. The symptoms are bruising easily, clumsiness, and not healing good among a few. My son complains about hurting after Karate so we’re thinking his body may not be able to handle sports.

    He’s always been good at art and music. SO I’m thinking of putting him in art lessons. The downside is that they are private so no other kids. He sees children at our homeschool group and at church. I guess it’s that mommy guilt again. I see him playing by himself and making up stories & imaginary friends with his toys. I worry but then again I’ve always been slightly introverted and I went to public school. I often got away from the crowd and read a book or made my own comics. He’s a lot more social when we get out too than I was.

    I know my son has gotten to enjoy life and explore in ways most kids don’t at his age. He’s six but in 2nd grade. He reads on a third grade level. He’s super smart and creative. Most of all he loves Jesus and he’s learning a lot about the Bible each day. I just can’t shake other people’s remarks and my own guilt. I’m infertile so unless by miracle, I can’t give him siblings. Most homeschool families I know (except maybe two) have atleast one sibling if not four. So I get when they say their kid’s friends are their brothers and sisters. God hasn’t blessed us in that way and I make a poor playmate. We are extremely close but sometimes I get sick and can’t play.

    How do you deal with the guilt trips? I know you have a degree but I don’t. According to most I am unqualified and I can’t give him a sibling. I know I can’t change how other people think…only how I think.

    Thanks for reading. I really enjoy your blog and how your kids seem so carefree. I love the nature studies :).
    God bless and Love in Christ,
    Amber Dover

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    Amber – sometimes it surely does feel like you are being interrogated. However, I have found that others just truly are curious. Please read my: Are your children socialized? http://www.hodgepodge.me/2012/09/are-your-children-socialized/
    and How are you qualified to be a homeschool teacher? http://www.hodgepodge.me/2012/11/how-are-you-qualified-to-be-a-homeschool-teacher/
    And, please don’t worry ahead to high school but lean into the Lord and give it to Him. Enjoy and be the very best parent you can in the now. Today. The more you parent, teach, pray, learn, the more you will grow confident in what you have been called to do. I am right there in the high school years. And still I ask for wisdom daily. I am still learning – always. I do know that He will give you what you need. And of course this homeschooling lifestyle is not easy.

    How do you deal with the guilt trips? Take a deep breath and rest in the fact that you are following the plan the Lord has for you and your family. He has designed your family and it is unique. You have unique needs. And you are uniquely capable of parenting and teaching your son. Truly you are. (A degree doesn’t qualify me to teach my children in high school. Being my child’s parent does. I shared that in the other post simply because I was talking to a highly educated person – and I knew that would speak to him about qualifications.)

    You must let go of what others think. You are doing what you know to be best for your family. Just continue learning, praying and being the best at what you do. I think you and your son’s abilities are already speaking loudly to others and that is why they are asking. I hope this helps some! ~ Tricia

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      Thank you Tricia :). I will look over your posts for sure. I needed the reminder. Remembering the Lord’s call is truly what keeps me going on the bad days. I knew before I had Michael, that God wanted me to homeschool when I had children. Though I get questioned a lot, I have seen a change in some of my family. They may not be completely on board but they aren’t completely set against homeschooling any more. I still have those who ask when I’m going to put Michael in real school. If that wasn’t an aging and dear relative then I’d probably say something but I just smile and once again say that he’s staying in homeschool. Such relative bragged about my homeschooling once and really surprised me. I guess I shouldn’t take all the questions so personally. Like you said, they are probably just curious. I went to public school and there weren’t that many in our small town that homeschooled.

      There are so many homeschoolers where we live now. I think if most of my family could meet the many unique families up here then they would change their views. If only they could attend our meetings and see the beauty of home teaching/unschooling. I show them pictures though. My Mom is very supportive and my husband as well, though he wasn’t on board at first. He just knew how strongly I felt about it. Now, he can see the good of it all. It may take awhile for most of my family to understand what homeschooling means. I think I’m still learning what it means too. I keep reminding myself that it’s not supposed to mirror public school. Home schooling is supposed to be different on purpose. Anywho, I’ll try to stop comparing myself to public school teachers and other’s expectations. Thanks again for the encouragement, dear sister!
      God bless!
      ~Amber D.

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