Homemade Gifts

(my brother’s homemade gift tags – small, free hand pieces of art we look forward to each year)

Part of the fun of giving gifts each year is making them! We set aside some afternoons – spread apart in December – to spread out supplies and make gifts. Permission to paint and create! Sometimes we just pick one gift to make for all the sweet teachers. Sometimes we make several different gifts for family. It just depends on the year.

Homemade Car Back Rub T-Shirt – follow this great Car Shirt Tutorial

Candy-Labra Candy Cane Candle Holder

DIY Hand Soap Dispenser

White Christmas Snack

Oreo Truffles

Hot Chocolate Mix

Gift Idea for Bird Lovers

M&M Teacher Gift

Give a Cake – bake Southern Living’s Two Step Pound Cake. Cut it in half. Give one half to one neighbor and the other half to another.

Hot Fudge Gift –  from Brown Paper Packages

Then, of course, make some homemade wrapping paper

(a favorite each year!)

For our children, we follow the Three Gifts for Christmas guideline

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Top Ten Tuesday at Many Little Blessings
Joining in Angie’s Top Ten Tuesday with homemade gift ideas. What do you make for neighbors, friends?


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      Thanks Jamie – we often pick one thing to make at Christmas, then a different one to make at the end of the year. Yes, Sunday School teachers, piano, extracurricular…

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