Simple Comforts for Sickness

It’s just about a given that when you have five children in the house and participate in multiple events that you will have some sickness. Well, we’ve been socked pretty hard the last couple of weeks. Sickness spaced out just right, several doctor visits and gallons of Gatorade. So I thought I’d gather a few, good ol’ basic helps. Offer them up to you with a steaming cup of tea and a pat on the back:

We will enjoy this wonderful Slow Cooker Old Bay Chicken recipe tonight. Not only because it is a favorite I shared at $5 Dinners recently, but because chicken is always a comfort.

So many times I turn to the slow cooker for feeding my family. And often I try to put a new spin on a family favorite recipe just to make it stretch a little further for those hungry teens. Recently I paired two different slow cooker recipes. The result was delicious! Recipe link here -> Slow Cooker Old Bay Rotisserie Chicken

rice Rice Water Soup – just rice and a bunch of water. Absolutely bland for sick tummies.

Sick Day Tea Party – “Maybe the sickness started with one then knocked you all out despite the diligent hand washing. It’s ok. Take a sick day. But make the most of it. Yes, with sickness, it seems the weeping and weariness abounds. Why not turn that around?”

Why I Love Paper Plates“Because in the midst of sickness, they save me. They spare me the dishes – just the evening meal of the day when I’m most weary and all are cranky. It’s one less thing to do. Paper plates minimize the spreading of germs. They lessen the load. We don’t use them often otherwise but this week it sure helped me. So even when I’m not feeling well, we can get in a little bit of learning here and there…

Finally, when you are on the road to recovery, baby step your way into a Return of the Routine.

But for now, maybe, like me, you  just need a refocus in the overwhelm…

Yes, we are overflowing with sick children, dirty dishes and dirty clothes. It’s at these overwhelming times of overflowing duties that I must remind myself of the reason. The Lord’s blessings are overflowing in our lives.

It’s because we have food that dishes are dirty.
It’s because we have clothes that laundry piles up. And,
It’s because of children there’s a season of sickness.

Sending get well wishes for others with sickness. Rest and drink your fluids…

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    Rebecca says

    With you right there right now, respiratory seems to be our issues and teething for the youngest makes it hard to figure out what is teething and what is sickness. Hang in there! I’m thanking God for the dishwasher we managed to finally swing to replace the one that broke. Without that I’d don’t think i’d be handling things half as well.

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    Kim A. says

    Thank you for the recipes and tips! =) I would add hot tea with honey and lemon… better than cough syrup!
    We’ve been using paper products as well. Most of us are on the mend as I hope the sick ones are at your house. =)

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    I too have had the “PLAGUE” running through my house. I have one child who just can’t seem to kick it. He has been sick for a month. He was on the mend and then Momday he started with a fever again and he has had it ever since. Over Thanksgiving we had the stomach bug, now the whole family has the respiratory bug. Knock on wood I haven’t gotten sick. My mom lives 750 miles away. LOL!!!! I really hope you all feel better soon.
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