Hodgepodge basket giveaway

A Hodgepodge Basket at www.hodgepodge.me Here at Hodgepodge, we are well, a hodgepodge. Some homemaking one day, a good dose of homeschooling, a slow cooker full of recipes, and plenty of art for all ages. So, it seemed fitting when putting together a basket for YOU, dear reader, to gather a hodgepodge of items.

chalk pastels box of 24 A Simple Start in Chalk Pastels ebook – Looking for an Easy Way to Add Art to Your Days? With A Simple Start in Chalk Pastels eBook – just add chalk pastels and paper!

A box of 24 chalk pastels – Artist’s Loft brand

Southern Hodgepodge Cookbook bundle Southern Hodgepodge cookbook bundle – all three eCookbooks – Sunday Savings, Southern Celebrations and Slow Cooker Batch Cooking

Duct tape wallet by Middle Girl Duct tape wallet by Middle Girl – she has a series of duct tape tutorials!

original bird's nest chalk pastel by Lucia Hames Original chalk pastel bird’s nest – 5×7 picture – by Lucia Hames (Nana)

Special Discounts for Hodgepodge readers through 4/30/13!

  • We are offering $5 off A Simple Start in Chalk Pastels ebook by using discount code Hodgepodge at checkout. Making it just $14.99 for a school year’s worth of chalk pastel tutorials!
  • Please also take $1 off the Southern Hodgepodge cookbook bundle with discount code HPcookbooks at checkout. Making it just $3.99 for all cookbooks!

Now for the giveaway!

Just follow the instructions on the rafflecopter widget below:
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Unit Studies by Amanda Bennett: Your Passport to Learning Adventures!


  1. 3

    Becky M says

    The new recipes would help me more with my regular household list of things to do but the art tutorials would help me with my list of ways to unwind. So, they would both help me. :-)

  2. 6

    Karen Rogers says

    Oooh! What a great hodgepodge! My son is an artist who’s mama is always looking for ways to make cooking dinner easier, more nutritious, and tasty. Thanks for the chance!

  3. 10

    sherrie mckinney says

    Both will actually be helpful. I’m always looking for new recipes and I have 3 crockpots so I like making my entire meal in them w/ less clean up

    and all of my children love to draw and are artistic. So having a new art program for them will be awesome!

  4. 11

    Rhonda H says

    I am a blog and Pinterest follower….BECAUSE…..of all the great art ideas and recipes you provide. I have been committed to provide more art time for our homeschool during this last year, and because that takes up a little extra time, I need help with dinner, too! LOL! This basket is for ME! Wish I had all day to spend entering for all the other great baskets. Such a fun idea!

  5. 12

    Melissa D says

    Oh, cooking. My biggest struggle of being a woman. :( I have tried making dinner at lunch, and that seems to help, but I need all the inspiration I can get.

  6. 13

    Robin says

    We have the art tutorials, and LOVE them! But I’m always looking for more recipes! Thanks for this offer!

  7. 18


    I didn’t read directions! Sorry! I have a son interested in the art things, but I love new meal ideas. The school/family room is decorated with birds and eggs and nests.

  8. 19

    Mariah says

    Oh, this is a tough question! I suppose I would say the art tutorials. Art is like therapy around here, and it is something everyone can and will enjoy! The recipies it would be a hit and miss as to whether everyone would enjoy them…

  9. 22

    Sabrina L says

    What an amazing giveaway!!! I think the cook book would help me more. I would to have one of these baskets! Bloggers that give with receive so much more when they give. I read some of your blog……AWESOME stuff!!

  10. 23

    Nancy Mosley says

    Right now just trying to find recipes that help the grocery budget but feed my family of 6 (two of them teenagers) is always helpful.

  11. 25

    Karen says

    I have been so interested in your art books. I will get them some day, even if I don’t win. I would love to win of course!

  12. 30

    Wendy says

    We recently found your website and your art tutorials. FABULOUS! is the first word that comes to mind. Lifesaver for art is another. Thank you so much for all your work in putting it all together. Say thanks to Nana too!!

  13. 31

    Christine says

    Art tutorials are very helpful to me. I have a daughter that loves art, and I still draw stick people (and don’t have the desire to do any more than that). So I need to rely on other people’s strengths. Thanks for the giveaway.

  14. 32

    Kristina says

    New art pastels, I just started using them with my boys this year based on your tutorials. We’ve really enjoyed them!

  15. 34

    Sally says

    My kids are always happy when I connect a lesson or holiday with a recipe or an art project, I’m always on the lookout for recipes and art lesson plans. Thanks!

  16. 40

    Melissa says

    Tough question, but I think art tutorials because I’m really lacking in that area, tho I always love great recipes too!

  17. 41

    Coby says

    I definitely think art tutorials will help me – I am just starting to incorporate more art into our homeschool routine, and I definitely need some help in this area! And as for recipes…trying new recipes is one of my favorite things!

  18. 42

    Kellye says

    My recipes have become boring to me. And I got an art easel and a few charcoal pencils two Christmases ago and haven’t done much with them. Pastels would really help.

  19. 45

    Angie Peterson says

    Any recipe that can be made in a crock pot is helpful because they are SO EASY! I love crock pot cooking

  20. 46


    Hodgepodge art tutorials revolutionized the joy in our homeschool. Truly. It helped me gain a new attitude toward art! I already bought the simple starts book, immediately when it came out–I would share this copy with a friend :) I would LOVE the cook books and pastels, those are on our family wishlist! Thanks HodgePodge!

  21. 48

    Joan Winkler says

    We have two sons w/artistic abilities (none of it came from their me…lol), so I think the art things would be helpful to/for them.
    I’m always looking for new meals to trip (esp. if they’re simple & “fast”…..lol)

    Thanks for the chance of entering.

  22. 49

    Gabreial W. says

    Thank you! This is one of my favorite blogs. I love the art tutorials and yes, they will be helpful in our school.

  23. 50

    Angie D says

    Both would be a blessing! We do have a food-allergic guy in the house, who is wonderfully entranced with art projects, so it may be that the art stuff would be that much more awesome. However, new recipes that can be tweaked for the little man’s needs are always welcome! Thank you for the opportunity!

  24. 53

    Christy says

    The art tutorials are inspiring and encouraging me to incorporate more art into our homeschool! I’m also trying to change our diet to real food and foods that heal, but are also fast and easy, so I love having new recipes to try! I love them both. You can’t go wrong. :)

  25. 54

    Caron Norton says

    Both would be great I definitely use the recipes. I am planning to start the tutorials next school year.

  26. 55

    Rhoda says

    Anything you offer will be top notch in this family. We love the art tutorials and are slowing incorporating them. After this year the art program we have been using will be over and I look forward to using more of the tutorials you have. And with two budding artists, we are having fun. Even I can make decent looking things now too. Thank you for a great give away.

  27. 56

    Angie says

    We are a crafty bunch with big appetites at our house. My kids love the art ideas and I love the meal ideas so it is really hard to make a choice. Thanks for all of the great information you share!

  28. 57

    Christine M says

    My kids will like the art materials more, but I’d love the slow cooker ideas, and I’m always on the look out for new recipes!

  29. 59

    Maureen says

    The new art tutorials would be a blessing for my seven year old son, Adam who is just starting to learn this medium!!!!

  30. 60

    Tiffany M says

    I have never taught any type of chalk art to my children ages 5 & 6 but, would love to add this to our homeschool curriculum. Also, I am always on the the lookout for new recipes! Thank you for this great giveaway! Happy Easter :)

  31. 61

    Christy says

    We plan to begin homeschooling in the fall. I would love both art tutorials & new recipe ideas! I think both would help me when we begin this journey. Thanks for the chance to win!

  32. 62


    I would love more art tutorials to teach my little ones. Not ever learning to do any art myself, it is very daunting.
    Thank you for all you do.

  33. 64

    Felina says

    I love Hodgepodge! I am new to homeschooling and often feel like I am not doing enough or good enough. I am often encouraged by Tricia and her posts. My children would love to learn the art and I would like to learn it all. Thank you for the opportunity!

  34. 65


    Yes, I think new recipes would still help me, one of my hobbies is trying new ones with my family. I really enjoy art tutorials for my self and to teach my children a lot lately.;so any new ones would be great!
    Alicia Charmbury recently posted..~Nature Photos~My Profile

  35. 67

    Jennifer H says

    Oops, got confused and said I commented without commenting. For me, I think art tutorials because my son is just getting really into art.

  36. 70

    janice says

    The children and I enjoy doing Nana’s tutorials; and would love to win this basket. Having an original piece of art by Nana is icing on the cake.

  37. 73

    Kelly Terrell says

    I would absolutely love to win this. We just did the bubbles and tornado tutorial yesterday! My two daughters had a blast! So did I!

  38. 75

    Sarah D says

    I love tutorials. They help me to see what people are talking about instead of guessing while I read it in a book. Tutorials are great!

  39. 76

    Samantha says

    Thank you very much for the awesome posts! Great inspiration and guidance all the time! I love pastels and as someone who struggles with natural ability your art tutorials get me going in the right direction!

  40. 78

    Heidi says

    Hmmm? Tough question! I guess I would have to say recipes right now because of my goal to cook for my family every night.

  41. 80

    Amy P says

    I can always use new recipes! But I really LOVE the art! My kids love it too! Your blog is one of my favorites! :)

  42. 81

    Sharon says

    My son loves art. This giveaway would be awesome for us! I am interested in teaching him chalk pastels but I don’t even know where to begin. I love crafts but know so very little about chalk pastels and this would be so helpful.

  43. 86

    Christina says

    Art tutorials. I already have more recipes to try than I can get around to but I need help doing homeschool art.

  44. 90

    Betsy says

    <3 Hodgepoge!! DD loves pastels, thanks to y'all!! Would love to win you pastel e-book, the pastel set (we are using grandmas, which are all in Florida colors) and the original pastel bird nest by Nana!! We would also would also be thrilled to win your yummy cookbooks!! The duct tape wallet totally intrigues me – what a clever DD you have indeed! =)

  45. 91

    Tara S. says

    I have a budding artist and we need help! I am not an artist and need to provide this poor child with some quality art instruction.

  46. 94

    Jamie says

    So hard to say which would help MORE my kids complain when they’re “bored” with what I’m cooking and they complain when they don’t like my art projects :) We can really use help with both.

  47. 95

    Sara M says

    I think the recipes will help me more because I’m art-challenged. But my daughter loves art and so she would be thrilled with the art part of the prize.

  48. 97

    Adair Bates says

    I would have to say the recipes would help more. I am constantly struggling with throwing dinner together. Mainly because I have just run out of ideas. I have recently discovered a love for my crock pot and would love to have some more recipes to use it for.

  49. 99

    Tracey M. says

    At this point . . . I would say the art would be more helpful. However, my hubby was asking if I would start making some crock pot meals to save time. I love collecting new recipes so this basket gives me the best of both worlds. My daughter would really benefit from the chalk pastel book. She loves art! Thank you for this opportunity!

  50. 102

    Jessica A. says

    Both will help me! I love art and always wanted to learn to draw and I would love to learn new recipes as well! Thanks for the opportunity to win!

  51. 104

    Laura M says

    I think the art tutorials would help me more. I’m a good cook but teaching my kids art skills – beyond just exploring different materials – is much harder for me!

  52. 105

    Christa says

    I LOVE cookbooks – and I am always looking for new recipes!

    As someone who cannot do artsy things to save my life – art supplies for my kiddos would be amazing! :-)

  53. 106


    With our busy schedule and lesson plan epic fails, art tutorials would be more beneficial to me and mine. I love to cook, and are family has specific dietary needs, so I’m good on recipes.

  54. 109

    Christina Hirst says

    New art materials!!! We have been lacking in our art curriculum and I always am looking to your site for projects. I’ve tried to get in on the Tuesday Sketches, but we’re not consistent…yet!

  55. 110

    Rissa M. says

    We are always looking for new recipes! I love to cook, but as a season comes to an end, I find I am always struggling to find something “different” to make and end up getting bored with meals. New recipes help shake the doldrums of cooking that start to show up after weeks of similar meals. :)

  56. 117


    The art tutorials will definitely be the biggest help to us. I struggle a bit with art and so we don’t do nearly enough around here. I only discovered your site today but I am already loving it so much, thank you!

  57. 118

    Kathy A says

    Hi – I’m always looking for new and easier recipes and different foods to cook for my family, and I would LOVE to receive your cookbooks. The art tutorials would inspire new and different ways for my homeschooled grandchildren. Thanks!

  58. 119

    RaShell S says

    I just found your site and I am enthralled with the idea of starting chalks with my children. Oh! I am in love! :) Thank you so very, very much for the entry to win this gift basket. This is so wonderful! :)

  59. 121

    Michelle Knopp says

    I personally would love the recipes more, but I would share this with my 11 year old son. He is a budding art enthusiast.

  60. 124

    Jennifer Cantner says

    I would have to say both! I struggle with teaching art to my kids, because I don’t feel very talented in that area. I’m always looking for ways to make putting good food on the table for my family easier.

  61. 130

    Rebecca Barry says

    I just found you and would love, love, love more art tutorials! We just started nature journals and love the idea of using chalk pastels in them! But I do love to cook to (as do my kids) so what ever you create and share we will love!

  62. 131

    Holly Schwartz says

    Art tutorials would help more at the moment. My daughter is very interested in art.

    All the best,

    Holly In Kentucky

  63. 139

    LeAnn says

    New recipes would help me (the family) more…. But…. Art lessons would help my DD who is very creative! LOVE the bird nest art work!! Beautiful.

  64. 145

    Kathleen P. says

    I would like to see more art tutorials. That is an are of our homeschooling I would like to improve.

  65. 147

    Tammy Kindig says

    Yes…I am always looking for new recipes to try….I am from the South and now live in the North…so I just love Southern comfort food cooking. My son loves Art and is very good, I on the other hand am not so any help I can get in that area is much appreciated.

  66. 148

    Amanda B says

    I think that new art tutorials would help me the most. I already have a ton of recipes and would love more (I’m a kitchen junkie), but art would probably benefit me the most because I have next to nothing in that area!!

  67. 151

    Lori says

    I just started homeschooling my children this year. Three of my girls were in talented art when they were in public school, so I would love to have the tutorials to help them reach their ART potential!!

  68. 153

    Brandy says

    Art tutorials for sure! My kids love the art tutorials here and I don’t like to cook. Such an easy choice for me.

  69. 155

    Danielle Hull says

    I think the art tutorials will help me more. I already cook every day, but we don’t do art on a regular basis. Thanks!

  70. 156

    Kathy H. says

    Yes, new recipes would help me. I get tired of making and eating the same stuff so I am always looking and trying new recipes. Then I mark them if we liked them, didn’t like, or ok. I want to do more crock pot dinners. Makes life more easy.

  71. 163

    Laurie says

    Yes, I think new recipes and art tutorials will help me. Recipes, because we love to try new recipes and anything that makes life easier is good. Art turtorials, well, my children aree very talented art wise and I’m not so much. Not sure where they got their talent, so me teaching art doesn’t go well. :/

  72. 164

    Shawn says

    I would love the recipes because I am teaching my younger girls to cook more often….my oldest cooker is leaving home in a few weeks to get married.

    The chalk art books would be wonderful for my youngest daughter and husband. My husband has always wanted to do chalk art.

    Thank you!

  73. 165


    We can always use new recipes. Our regular meals get boring after a while and I love to use my crock pot! The art supplies will be a nice blessing this time of year when our supplies are beginning to look a bit tired to say the least.
    Whitney recently posted..I am SO not MotivatedMy Profile

  74. 167

    Beth says

    My son loves to draw and I feel like I don’t know how to teach him. He has tried pastels and know he would enjoy learning more.

  75. 168

    April Claggett says

    I would love some great slow cooker recipies and have always been intrigued by pastels but unsure “how” to use them.

  76. 170

    elena says

    I think the chalk tutorials will help me. WE have used them and my daughter loves them! It makes it simple to do art without any planning.

  77. 172

    Kel White says

    For Us we love the step by step tutorials . And I love it when you put pictures with the recipes because I know what Im making SHOULD look like..hehe

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