Review: Home Art Studio For Multiple Ages

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Home Art Studio Review - Using One Grade for Multiple Ages at Would you appreciate a simple and easy way to add art to your days? Home Art Studio offers just that. With Home Art Studio, all I needed to do was clear the table, gather the supplies, put on the DVD – and the children came. I chose the third grade curriculum simply because the theme, Be Creative, appealed to us all.

Art with Multiple Ages We used third grade for all my children – age five up to fifteen!

I’m often looking for resources we can use with all our ages. Home Art Studio did not disappoint. I’m not sure that we can possibly choose a favorite art lesson from the third grade DVD, but the children do remember well our afternoon making a tertiary color wheel.

Home Art Studio Introduction Video from Official Home Art Studio on Vimeo.

This program is designed to increase students’ love and appreciation of visual arts ~ Home Art Studio

Home Art Studio Tertiary Color Wheel With each lesson I either put the DVD to play on the family tv or placed my laptop on the kitchen table. Everyone gathered around.

What is Home Art Studio?

Home Art Studio is a DVD-based curriculum taught by Lindsey Volin. The program is available for individual grades from kindergarten through fifth grade. Ms. Volin is a certified art teacher for K-12 and a mother of two boys. Downloadable and printable pdf explanations are available with each year plan.

Home Art Studio abstract acrylic Abstract Acrylic lesson we enjoyed – all ages together!

What do we love?

  • Short lessons you can pause whenever you’d like to.
  • Techniques in a variety of media – acrylics, pastels, watercolor and more.
  • Upload your completed artwork to showcase your finished pieces – and Ms. Volin will comment on your child’s work. Feedback from the art teacher!
  • DVD program makes it easy for mom to say yes and incorporate art lessons and appreciation into homeschool days.

Home Art Studio watercolor resist veggies Watercolor resist veggies

How many lessons?

The third grade DVD contains 16 lessons. We did one lesson approximately every one to two weeks. Those art afternoons were something we truly looked forward to!

Home Art Studio chalk pastel pumpkins Pumpkins with a familiar medium – chalk pastels!

How much?

Each grade DVD program is $24.99. What a bargain for a certified teacher in your own home on your time schedule!

Art supplies are an additional charge. But we found that many of the supplies we already had on hand.

Home Art Studio Chalk Pumpkins

It’s fun to see the same project through the eyes of many different ages. From the top: by 15-year-old, Middle left by 10-year-old, by 13-year-old. Bottom left by five-year-old and bottom right by seven-year-old.

Where can you find Home Art Studio?

In Summary

It’s always a huge help for a homeschool mama to find a resource that can come alongside her and joy to the days. Especially a gifted artist to teach children in your own home. Ms. Volin definitely brings the fun! No prior art experience required for student or parent. Just turn on the DVD and enjoy!

A big thumbs up all around from the Hodgepodge!

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Tricia faces a daily dose of chaos homeschooling five children. The biggest lesson she’s learned? At the end of the day – when the dishes are put away and the children are tucked in bed – truly what matters is each child’s relationship with the Lord. Raising children is a God-given privilege and, folks, the time is short.


  1. My kids take art classes right now but I would love to do more at home. They would too! This looks like it would be perfect for us!

  2. Jennifer Jarrell says:

    Thanks for this review! Both of my children love art but I’m clueless when it come to anything creative or crafty. This sounds perfect and I love that it worked for all the ages!

  3. I make art important by using colour in various mediums every day (which is easy with two under four)

  4. Amanda Caron says:

    This set looks amazing! Our 10 year old has taken lessons in years past, but we now have a 2 yr old son and we’re looking for activities they can do together for Learning. Can’t wait to try it :-)

  5. Stacey Eddy says:

    Tricia, you know I’ve said before I never pull out the paints. Im not “artistic” so I shy away from doing art with my kids. These videos would be a huge help for us. I’d love to win a set!

  6. I have materials available and we try to be creative as much as possible. This year I paid to have my daughter take an art class in the community.

  7. Rachel Dow says:

    I have been looking for a good ART curriculum and this looks like just the thing we need! Thanks for the chance to win it! :o)

  8. These look like such fun art activities! I would love to try this out with my kids!

  9. GREAT review Triicia!! You really make me want to use this currciulum!! The Widget gave me this question: How do you make art important in your homeschool? Well, I have always included Art in our homeschool, at times I have included it more than at other times. Besides hands-On projects, we also include Artist and Picture study. Though the main thought about Art that I try to impress upon my kids, is that ART is a very individual thing. I tell them that when they create it, it is their own creation so they should not compare it to anyone else’s. I tell them that what they think is Art may not be to someone else. I tell them they can appreciate the effort, or skill that it took someone to creat, if if they do not like the artisit end results. I also explain that Art is a gift from GOD, and that I would not call something Art when someone’s work would clearly not be pleasing to HIM. Anyway those are just some of my thoughts!! I would love this currciulum because I have reached a point where I can;t teach my boys anymore , I need help from someone that is truly gifted in this area!! **I wanted to be honest and say I messed up and hit the button on the widget that said Follow this curriculum on Pinteres before I remembered I no longer have a Pinterest acccount. Sorry!!!

  10. Lynn Ashburn says:

    I am so very art challenged. My kids are so very talented. This would be such a blessing!!

  11. We do some art, incorprating it into our history and Bible notebooks, but I would like to have a more structures and incremental approach. My kids would love these DVD’s and I would learn along with them! Oh, we have also done some of your pastel tutorials and really enjoyed them!

  12. Art always gets forgotten here, no matter how hard I try to include it, it gets the boot. Anything that would help us to keep up with it and enjoy it too would be a blessing!

  13. I feel art is very important in our homeschool education and, although my kids are still young, we always do at least 2-3 art projects a week! We also use A Child’s Book of Art to look at artwork so my children can begin to have an appreciation for fine art! I would just love this!

  14. I have seen some samples of this curriculum and it looks great. I would love to win!

  15. We just find projects on pinterest or projects relating to our current unit study topics and and try to spend some time in the afternoon working on them :-)
    Rebecca recently posted..Funny…but trueMy Profile

  16. Unfortunately, I still struggle getting in the basics. I would like to start using art to encourage writing, by creating then writing about the process or the piece.

  17. I try to incorporate art into our daily studies and make art supplies accessible so they can do art whenever the urge hits.

  18. We use to take a homeschool art class but the lady quit teaching it so I’ve tried on my own to come up with at least 2 art activities per month. These DVDs would really help!!!

  19. Looks like a wonderful program.

  20. Christina says:

    I keep art supplies easily accessible to my children and they can use them anytime.

  21. I love art and always encourage my kids in anything artistic. They both love to draw, and I often check out library books with drawing instruction, but boy would I love to put these dvd’s on for them (and me!) to learn while watching someone teach them!

  22. This sounds wonderful. Art is such a big part of our homeschooling… we really fit it into every subject!
    Phyllis at All Things Beautiful recently posted..Our Homeschool Weekly Report, February 23-28, week 19My Profile

  23. I use Home Art Studio grade 1 for my 3 homeschoolers and we absolutely love it! I will continue with this curriculum until we have gone through all of the dvds! Would love to win!

  24. We have art type of things in my curriculum and I try to make it a daily part, but it is mainly coloring at this point (pre-k & 1st graders in my home). I’d love to do more though because art runs like crazy in my dad’s family (my great-grandfather painted landscapes so much that he even used his basement walls as canvas, which I got to see a few years ago before they sold his house. My grandmother used to draw portraits, mainly from old breck girl ads, my dad paints landscapes really well, I have always been into portrait painting using acrylics, charcoal, pastel, and oil pastels). This program seems delightful!!

  25. I love doing art with the kids during the summer and would love to work it in more during the regular school year. Looks great!

  26. We actually don’t do any art at the moment (kindergarten & preschool ages) – but that’s because I have no direction (not at all creative) and the mess scares me… BUT I have seen this program at conventions, and I REALLY want to try it out!!

  27. BunnyMomRocks says:

    These would be wonderful to have on our homeschool journey. My children love art but I’m no artist! It would be awesome to have a certified art teacher available in our home :-) The projects look diverse and add skills as the child progresses through the program. What a wonderful giveaway.

  28. I’m not great at making art important but these DVDs sound like they would really help me.

  29. We have always taken art classes through coop or local art museums. We do crafty things at home and art that correlates with what we are learning. A formal step by step program would be fantastic!

  30. My daughter is always drawing, but I do try to do some formal lesson either from book or online video for technique with pencil or watercolor. Need to expand to other media. We try to do something every week or every other week in art.

  31. This looks great! I am always looking for a way to add art.

  32. Art is the time where I drop everything and focus on my children. That makes it special at our house!

  33. I try to set one day a week for some type of creating to take place.
    Tricia you have given me so many wonderful ideas – I always enjoy visiting here. Thank you!
    hsmominmo recently posted..Menu Plan Monday – 2/24 to 3/2My Profile

  34. Sounds GREAT! Right now we are doing famous artists, and trying to “copy” some works, but this sounds like a great way to learn some techniques!

  35. Terri Monteverdi says:

    With 6 kids to homeschool and lots of animals to take care of, I don’t always find the time to do creative, artistic things with my kids. I have 3 that are budding artists and REALLY want to do more but can’t afford classes. This looks like a dream come true!!

    Thanks for sharing!!

  36. My children love art and have taken weekly art classes, we would love to incorporate more art in our week at home and during our homeschool day.

  37. Connie Nesary says:

    I can’t wait to use the art dvd’s fit homeschooling my grand daughter!

  38. I love art and make sure that my kids are as excited about it as I am.
    Usually they see me doing something and join.

  39. Delia Jones says:

    I love art and haven’t yet added it in consistently to our learning. We do a bit of art appreciation by using the Art Memo games and reading various books from the library. This looks like a great curriculum.

  40. We are just starting to think about adding formal art, until now it has been mostly coloring and practicing cutting. We would love to use this set! Thank you for hosting this giveaway.
    Tracey recently posted..We Moved To Colorado!My Profile

  41. We take art classes from a local studio, which includes s to the museum for art appreciation as well!

  42. I think this art curriculum looks fantastic! I’m always trying to come up with different art projects for them and this would help me out!

  43. We are planning to begin homeschooling our 2 kids (will be in 2nd & 5th) in the fall. I am very intimidated by art but my daughter loves it. This looks like the perfect solution!

  44. Elizabeth says:

    My daughters (4 and 5) love to draw and craft. We spend a lot of time with those types of projects, but I lack the background in art that I really want them to have. This program looks fantastic!

  45. I am a fibre artist so we often do art together. While I am working on a project, the littles will do their own art. We would love to use this program!


  46. Looks like my girls would love it!

  47. This would be such a blessing to win! My kids are always asking to do arts & crafts and I struggle to come up with ideas! Thanks for the contest!!

  48. Oooo! My kids are always pestering me for more art at home. this could be fantastic for them!

  49. Unfortunately art tends to take a backseat in our learning. I have no idea how to teach it or cultivate it for my artsy kids. This sounds great!

  50. My daughter loves art, so a program like this makes it easy to allow her to create more often. I’m hoping to spark the interest in my son as well!

  51. Sadly, I am terrible at including art in our days.

  52. I think my children would really enjoy this!

  53. Stephanie says:

    I love doing art, but often feel that the day is SO packed–I don’t know where to fit it in!! I have noticed that the kids find such joy and PASSION in art, that I am moving it to a much higher priority. We recently purchased the new a simple start in chalk pastels–and we all look forward to it so much each week! It is a treasure of memories for my children.

  54. We have been doing unit studies on artists and love to make our own art in their “style”!

  55. count me it, we love art. :)
    tereza crump aka mytreasuredcreations recently posted..Healthy Breakfast OptionsMy Profile

  56. That would be awesome to have!

  57. We use the Metropolitan Museum’s art a day calendar for picture study and also do lots of art projects to learn about history and nature.

  58. Leslie R. says:

    This looks like a great art curriculum! I would love to use it with my boys :)

  59. Wow! This looks great for us. I honestly was a bit shocked to see how affordable the DVD’s are for all of what you get! Thanks for sharing this review and hosting the give-away.
    Stephanie P recently posted..Playing a Game You Cannot WinMy Profile

  60. I find that art is something I formally forget about but I do allow free use of different mediums and the things they come up with are fun.

  61. Art is a great break for kids from academics and clears the mind. It also helps with Maths and many other skills. Besides that, it’s fun and brings us together. I love seeing how different each child’s work comes out. This curriculum looks great. I’ve tried a couple of curriculums but not with much success. This looks fresh and exciting.

  62. Tricia I really appreciate Hodgepodge…thanks for passing on worthy curriculum ideas!

  63. oops!..forgot to say that we’ve basically made art in our family important by seeing which medium is important to which child…music, dance, visual…and then supported them in that with supplies, lessons and opportunity :)

  64. I guess the children see it as important simply because I love to do it with them, and because I make sure to spend the time making it happen. Our projects usually consist of ideas online, and just doing our own spin off it. But these DVDs sure would be wonderful to learn new and “official” techniques, and also for the kids to be “on their own” and do art without my suggestion. I guess there’s a fine line between instructing a certain technique and allowing the mini-artists to do their own thing! These DVDs would be fun!

  65. Christina Hirst says:

    I struggle keeping art on the books and have actually been looking for a curriculum that would help me keep it in our lesson plans. My child LOVES art and I think it is necessary for having a well-rounded world view.

  66. My dd loves art but I am horribly challenged in that department 😛 Since my dh lost his job due to his seriously failing health, buying curriculum has been out if the question. Winning this would be a HUGE blessing for us!

    Thanks for the chance to win :)

  67. We do a lot of crafts and drawing, but it’s mostly free form, I’d love to add some structure to really give my little guy skills on top of enjoyment!
    Heather N. recently posted..The Ultimate Homeschool Expo – For Homeschooling MomsMy Profile

  68. This is so exciting! I’ve never heard of this program and am so excited to learn more about it. With kids from highschool senior to kindergarten and lots in between I could definitely use this! Thanks for the giveaway, Lisa~

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