Spring Nature Study with Multiple Ages

nature study with multiple ages Warm sunshine on your back, leaves unfurling and marvelous moss and lichen? Yes, please. We enjoyed some signs of spring and nature study with all our ages this week. It went something like this…

nature study with multiple ages Have that nature prompt within sight, by the back door. So, as soon as the little black rain clouds move on we can dart out in the backyard. Go on a search with the magnifying glass…

IMG_4324 …find some moss…and take a break at the swingset.

IMG_4384 Then find some lichen.

earthworm nature study On another morning outside you might even find an earthworm to study!

moss at Mama Ann's Later in the week, on a sunny Saturday, we head to Mama Ann’s to explore the well worn paths.

paths of moss A whole carpet of moss!

moss and the microscope with multiple ages Back at home…then we ask the question – what is the difference between moss and lichen? And we pull out the microscope and look even closer for an answer. (Apologia Biology study for the older two. Sure love how nature study goes hand in hand with Apologia Biology).

Moss and the microscope What fun to have brothers – nine years apart in age – with their heads together at the microscope!!

spring nature study And we’re amazed even more now that we’ve searched and we’ve found and we’ve studied. Now our eyes are open to moss and lichen everywhere. Maybe it’s because all the trees are just starting to bud and we can see it even better? Yes, and I sure like that we can study it all together.

OHC button

Many thanks to Barb at Handbook of Nature Study for the monthly topics and newsletter – such wonderful resources to spur us on! Nature study has been such a big part of our studies the past couple of weeks, I felt it deserved the most attention this week. More on the rest of what we’ve been up to next week (our writing workshop!)
Many thanks to our Friday hostesses!

How about your homeschool – have you gotten outside to notice some signs of spring?

Unit Studies by Amanda Bennett: Your Passport to Learning Adventures!


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    Thanks for letting me come along on your early spring/moss/lichen nature study this week! I love seeing your kids all enjoying the month’s topic on different levels…

    Such beautiful images of your moss and lichen too! Moss plays such an important role in our gardens and fills in all those spaces in between the stones and rocks. I am beginning to appreciate that.

    Thanks for sharing with the OHC Carnival.
    Barb-Harmony Art Mom recently posted..Outdoor Hour Challenge – Lichen and Moss Nature StudyMy Profile

  2. 8


    What beautiful pictures! Thank you for sharing them with us. I need to starting looking more closely for some signs. I’m sure they are there, but I haven’t noticed them yet. Thanks for the encouragement. Have a great week!

    Suburban Farm Girl recently posted..Our WeekMy Profile

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    I love the picture of your oldest and youngest enjoying nature study together! And what a great idea to explore the differences between moss and lichen under the microscope. I too have 5 kids 9 years apart in age. While schooling a wide range of ages can have its challenges, nature study for our family is a delightful way to all get outside together and enjoy doing the same thing.

  4. 11


    Great to see the microscope out and multi age study. I find that we’re still looking at moss too–my husband is even sending me pictures of when he’s out and about. Thanks!

  5. 12


    Hi Tricia!,
    I’ve spent the last 40 mins reading into your wonderfully full and blessed blog! I’ve only stumbled across it from Practical Pages, & am rapt by what you do, how you do it,& my favourite so far is the entire family all doing pastel chalk art at the table! I’ve been searching everywhere for a good microscope & noticed that you’re happy with the one you’re using ! Please tell me if I can order one as such online (is there a link?) as I live in Australia & would like feedback from another homeschooler. I value the opinion of an experienced person such as yourself. Thank you and God bless your homeschooling journey.
    Lina recently posted..THE JOURNEY BEGINS…….My Profile

    • 13


      Lina – thanks so much for stopping by and for your kind comments! I’m so glad you made yourself at home! Unfortunately I do not have a link for the microscope because we were blessed to buy it as part of a used curriculum sale with our Apologia text. Hooray for the Lord providing! I have searched the brand name Science Tech and have not exactly found ours. However, my friend Barb recommends one that we have on our wish list! It’s pricey – but she points out that if you are looking to invest, it makes sense to get a good tool for the long haul. I’ll share the link here: http://www.thecurriculumchoice.com/2012/04/sonlight-ultra-microscope-investing-in-high-school-science/

      And I do hope you will join us for some art!

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