The Bowl

She brought it on a Sunday filled with homemade mashed potatoes. I admired the yellow bowl.

Cherishing Generations So she gave it to me. Nana gave me my grandmother’s bowl. A yellow Pyrex bowl she’d found in the old shed on the farm. My grandfather had likely taken it out there to hold something. Probably something he shouldn’t have like dirt – red Georgia clay. He was often out in the garden.

So, who knows how long it had been out there. He’s been gone for more than 20 years. And my grandmother for about five.

Nana found the bowl, forgotten in a corner. And she soaked it and washed the stains away. And she used it for just a few weeks. Before she brought it on a Sunday for lunch with the family. Loaded with mashed potatoes.

And she gave it to me. And each time I use it, I think of them. And the generations. Mamaw and Pawpaw. And generous Nana.

bowl full of suds And I wonder, as I clean it, about all that must have been talked about around that bowl. I can see the smiling faces. And the vegetables from his garden that were served. The bowls full of fruit on the Sunday afternoons we’d gather for hot dogs by the lake. Quilts pulled out for napping babies…

yellow pyrex bowl A bowl that is just the perfect size for such gatherings. Or for serving up a childhood classic like macaroni and cheese to my children for lunch.

A bowl full of love.


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    Wonderful. The fact that it is yellow probably has no bearing on the wonderfulness of this bowl but for me it just adds to its wonderfulness. And I almost choked up reading your post. What a wonderful way to hold onto those we love. So very nice of Nana to let you have it.
    Blossom recently posted..It’s All About Food. Well Almost.My Profile

  2. 2

    RaShell S says

    Love it! What an incredible gift. So glad the Lord has given you the memories to go along with that sweet bowl.

  3. 4

    Aunt Patti says

    T-bone, I’m so glad you have this bowl. It does hold many memories. Pawpaw may have used it to gather the freshly laid eggs!

  4. 6

    Mary says

    These are wonderful memories, and you are creating new ones around the bowl, too. I wonder where it will be in 50 years? :-)

  5. 10

    Jamie says

    My family has that same bowl and I love our bowl too! I remember my grandmas homemade macaroni and cheese in that bowl every holiday….. And the joy and love and craziness that was all around it when all of our family got together. My mom has the bowl now and I love getting it out at her house to serve more love and craziness each time!!!

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    I love this. I have several metal mixing bowls that belonged to my maternal grandmother. I also have a lovely white bowl that belonged to my paternal grandmother. It’s a serving dish. When I received it — before she died but after she was in the nursing home and lost to us with Alzheimer’s — it still have a masking tape piece attached to the bottom with her name on it in her handwriting. For months, the tape came off when I washed it (by hand, of course!) and I’d painstakingly re-attach it. Finally, it just wouldn’t stick anymore. That was a sad day for me.

    Also, I bought that same bowl you have for my MIL. She had the set of assorted sizes and colors for years, but her yellow bowl broke a LONG time ago. I found one in an antique store and bought it for her. She was so happy. And so was I.
    Ellen @ the Bluestocking Belle recently posted..Weekly Happenings: Ready for a BreakMy Profile

  7. 12

    JenL says

    Beautiful bowl. Beautiful memories. Amazingly, we have the same yellow bowl received after the passing of grandparents to glory. I smile when I use it. Small things can give such special touches in our days.

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