Start, End and Mix Up Homeschool with Unit Studies

Start, End and Mix Up Homeschool With Unit Studies at Guess what? We ended our school year with a trip to France! Guess what else? All homeschoolers can take a trip to France any time of year.

A couple of weeks ago, we started off our themed learning with Amanda Bennett’s Passport France. This week-long download and go study we spread out over two weeks simply because it’s the start of summer and it sounded relaxing to do it that way. And then two weeks turned into more simply because we enjoyed it so much and there was SO much material.

Passport France landing The study opens with overview videos you can watch. Here’s one video of landing in France. We felt like we were on our way – ready to start the adventure!

Passport France with Multiple Ages

There are two age levels available to meet your needs. With our age span from kindergarten to high school, we used both the Scout and Explorer levels. Something for everyone!

Passport France castles Touring the castles of France as we opened our studies. We also had a wonderful time climbing the Eiffel Tower and enjoying the view!

How Did We Use it?

When I first opened up the pdf, I scanned the contents but zeroed in on the books. Just like our Tapestry of Grace studies, I reserved every last book I could at the library. That way the children were free to browse whenever they liked. Then, after lunch most days, I’d open up the laptop and select the day’s video, word or definition to learn.

We then read aloud a book together or all picked a book to read independently. Maybe we did a craft or project suggested. Basically, we were immersed in French learning.

Unit Studies Passport France Variety to Appeal to Different Learning Styles

  • Crafts for children that love hands on activities.
  • Books, books, books for the readers in your family – those you can read aloud together and those you can hand a stack too and let them cart off to a favorite reading spot.
  • Videos for virtual tours and to pull the visual learner in.

Olympic Books on Mantel Add Fun to Homeschool With Unit Studies

We’ve focused on fun with unit studies several times this year. It’s so nice to mix up the regular. As a homeschool mom of many, it blesses me so to be able to just open up an Amanda Bennett unit study and go. I know from experience that our times of learning will be rich and blessed. She’s done all the research for us! All we have to do is get the books, set aside the time to enjoy.

How to Fit in All the Extras with Unit Studies It’s how we’ve fit in the extras! How to Fit in All the Extras with Unit Studies.

In other news the past couple of weeks…

Image We enjoyed a piano recital (so proud of my girls!)…

Image 1 A birthday celebration of Eldest Boy!! and…

Image 2 Our first day at the pool!


Passport France by Unit Studies Amanda Bennett Special Price

Even if you aren’t planning on doing a unit study over the summer, I highly recommend getting Passport France while it is on sale. Or consider one of the other Passport studies. They are so very rich in learning.

USAB French Connection Don’t miss the giveaways!

~ psst. Just so you know, I am not an affiliate of Unit Studies by Amanda Bennett. I did receive a copy of both levels of Passport France for my review. We intend to start, finish and mix up our learning with more unit studies titles in the future as well!
What a great couple of weeks it’s been! Many thanks to our Friday hostesses!

Now to decide which unit study to have fun with next…How about you? Have you started, ended or mixed up your homeschool with a ready-to-go unit study?


  1. 1

    Lina says

    Hi Tricia, we just purchased the above French passport too(both the Scout& Explorer). Ours was on PDF files. But you mentioned “all you need are the books”, may I ask what books do you mean & do they come with the order from Amanda Bennett? Btw, we live in Australia. Would appreciate more insight on this please & how you were able to watch the videos thank you in advance

    • 2


      Hi Lina – Just open up that wonderful unit study and take a look – there’s a list of resources – books and more. I reserved every last one I could from the local library. Enjoy!! It’s so much fun :)

  2. 5

    Nicole says

    We love Amanda Bennett Unit Studies. My daughter will be doing 3 this summer one each week we are not either on vacation or she is at camp(sleepaway and VBS). Shelbie is going into 3rd grade in the fall and will be doing Sunny Seashells, Expedition Africa, and Chocolate Challenge(All Download and Go)

  3. 6


    I’ve been wanting to do the Passport France one myself, but I’m waiting on it to catch the kids’ interests too :-) We’ve been working on Increditble Insects off and on in a very Spring/Summer-ish kind of way. I’ve been told that Handsome Horses is our next one coming up though/
    Rebecca recently posted..What We’re Doing This Week: June 1, 2013My Profile

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