Allergy-Friendly Favorites in the Family Fridge

Allergy-Friendly Favorites in the Family Fridge Today I’m sharing a peek inside my fridge. Fingerprints from small people and all. The favorites that are always on the Evernote grocery list. Would you like a bite to eat? How about some…

SunButter  – Yum! and lots of it (yes, that is 10 lbs tucked in the fridge door for easy access! We truly love it. I have a whole section on Hodgepodge devoted to it, plus a round up of favorite recipes. See, whatever recipe we would use peanut butter for – we just wholesale replace with SunButter. Because it’s safe for ours with peanut, tree nut and egg allergies. Plus, it’s also gluten free!

**Update – Heather asked where we get the large 5 lb. tubs and the answer is Amazon! Sometime they are out but just keep checking! If you purchase through my affiliate link we get a small commission to help pay for more SunButter for the Hodgepodge! SunButter at Amazon.

Hodgepodge family fridge What else do we have?

Turkey – bacon to pair with a main course for breakfast or supper. Turkey sandwich meat for lunches. Ground turkey – four pounds every two weeks to mix into recipes and use in tacos. (Cook it in the slow cooker as soon as it comes in from the store.)

Tuna salad – for scooping or sandwiching. Egg and mayo free for our crowd!

Yogurt – plain Greek yogurt for topping salad and mixing with fruit, occasionally some Gogurts for handiness and slow cooker yogurt in mason jars.

“Mama can I have a cheese stick?”

allergy-friendly pimento cheese Cheesepimento cheese and a giant cheese block for slicing. Plus bags of the shredded variety for most everything. And cottage cheese for lunches and our favorite Italian Stuffed Shells.

Milk – jugs a plenty for growing children and late-night cereal snacks. Plus half & half for afternoon PG Tips tea.

Avocado – always or as often as possible.

okra Greens – especially spinach for my mama lunch. But also anything from broccoli to our favorite sugar snap peas. But also okra when its in season. You simply must try Nana’s Fried Okra recipe.

fudge Chocolate – syrup for topping ice cream and making chocolate milk plus frequently there is fudge (3 ingredient, microwave version).

…and with your fudge may I serve you some sweet tea? My grandmother, Mama Ann, taught me her no-fail, microwave version. Perfect every time!

microwave sweet tea Sweet tea – for suppers and to accompany Fast Food for Slow Sundays!

Would you like a few more recipes and tips?

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Your turn! Are some of our staples in your fridge? Or what are we missing out on? 


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    Hi Tricia,
    You know I follow you closely as a fellow mom and blogger. (You’d be flattered at how many of your posts end up in our kitchen; or a bit worried that I’m stalking.) Of course I just must chime in at the SunButter mention — so happy it continues to fit your family’s adventures. And thanks for the fudge recipe. We have budding foodies here and I’m eager to have them try it. Take care — thanks for the continued inspiration on so many levels.

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      Elizabeth – thank you for such a sweet comment. Our SunButter love just continues to grow. And guess what the latest favorite is? A spoonful – scoop right out of the tub. I am washing spoons all the time time over here! Enjoy the fudge – our favorite chocolate chip (allergy-friendly) to make it with is Hershey’s special dark. Yum.

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    Where oh where do you find such big vats of Sun Butter? I ate a lot of it while I was nursing since I couldn’t do peanut butter and I prefer this to almond butter. My little girl can’t handle the sunflower seeds just yet, but I’m hoping she’ll be able to handle it soon.

    BTW, I ran into a college friend of yours at our homeschool convention this weekend! :)
    Heather recently posted..Not a Stick…My Profile

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      Heather – from Amazon! And I heard from my friend Mary Ann that she spoke to you – and so enjoyed your sessions at the conference! It’s a small homeschooling world indeed, isn’t it?

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        Off to go ‘shopping’! And yes, I love how small the homeschooling world can be even though it has grown so much!

        BTW, I’ll be in touch soon. We are buying pastels this week and starting your book now that life is taking a breather. We can’t wait to share it with others!
        Heather recently posted..A Book Update: Faith and Brain BuildingMy Profile

        • 10


          Oh I this thrills me to hear! I loving see other families enjoying Nana’s tutorials like we do! Can’t wait to see your art work. And thanks for asking about where to purchase Sunbutter – I updated with a link (should have thought of that but when it’s almost automatic, sometimes you overlook the obvious) :)

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