Three Uses for an Outgrown Pair of Blue Jeans

Three Uses for One Pair of Blue Jeans at

With five growing children we surely have to find ways to stretch our money. Here are three easy ways to use one pair of blue jeans.

Hand Me Downs

We of course pass down blue jeans to a sibling. Oh the money we’ve saved with three girls and two boys – just in hand me downs. But when the knees on the jeans are too worn or have a hole, it’s time to make cut offs.

Make summer cut offs

Make cut offs with a favorite pair of outgrown jeans or a beloved comfortable pair of sweat pants.

Make Summer Jean Cut Offs

We simply cut one leg of the jeans right above the knee. Next we folded the blue jeans and cut the other pant leg following the line of the first. No measuring necessary. Cutting the jeans off a little longer allows you to fold cut off and make the shorts look much neater!

blue jean and duct tape purse

How to Make a Blue Jean and Duct Tape Purse

Now my Middle Girl is a duct tape crafter. She continues to whip out new creations. And when she saw the left over jean pants, she said, “Don’t throw those away!” She knew she could make a purse with the soft denim. And that she did – making four purses! Two purses from each pant leg. Here are her simple, step-by-step instructions for making a purse from scraps and duct tape:


  • Step 1: Cut pant legs off of blue jeans.
  • Step 2: Tape edges.
  • Step 3: Make handle and tape it on the purse.

And you’re done!

Happy crafting!

Video tutorial below (double click to play).

~By Middle Girl

Be sure to visit her other duct tape tutorials–bow, bracelet, purse, epipen bag, and more.

So there you have it! One pair of jeans, passed down from big sister, make one pair of cut offs and four purses!

What’s your favorite, frugal way to make clothes stretch for children?


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