10 Things You Will Find at Hodgepodge

10 Things You Will Find at Hodgepodge www.hodgepodge.me I thought we might poke around in the archives and I lead you on a little tour of Hodgepodge. Sometimes it really is a confused mixture and the pieces and parts go like this:

1. Parenting, faith and gratitude – from The Butter Cat – a Hodgepodge classic (because sometimes you just have to laugh)… to the glory days of parenthood to how to become a Christian…without Him I could do nothing…

50 Free Art Lessons at hodgepodge 2. Free Art Tutorials – It’s way more than 50 now! From what began as my mother sharing her love of chalk pastels with her grandchildren to the growing community of families enjoying the simple joys of art for all ages! We are here to encourage you that You CAN Be an Artist!

3. Homeschooling Multiple Ages – loving, teaching, raising and growing this age range of children. The details of teaching all ages together, schedules, subjects, hands on projects, fitting in all the extras and more.

Helpful Homeschool Habits for Multiple Ages 4. Helpful Habits and FAQs – from our 10 Days of Lasagna Learning series to answering homeschool critics and art questions. And what about the little ones and those little desks they use? Plus all those things I’ve learned homeschooling with Tapestry of Grace.

5. Duct tape crafts and contributions from all the Hodgepodge – posts from all our different ages and Hodgepodgedad too.

homeschool makeover 6. Homeschool makeover series – decorating, organizing learning centers with IKEA, chalk boards – because I love all things chalkboard and rearranging furniture to meet needs and keep things fresh.

Curriculum Review Index 7. Homeschool Curriculum Reviews – here at Hodgepodge and of course over at The Curriculum Choice!

cookbook 8. Favorite southern family recipes handed down and our Fast Food for Slow Sundays  – bringing back the Sunday dinner with family tradition – saving bucks and sanity. Have you browsed the Ultimate List of Easy Slow Cooker recipes?

9. Allergy Friendly adaptations – with a Simple Start Guide to Nut and Egg Allergies. Lots of SunButter recipes!

Best of Hodgepodge 10. Hodgepodge ebooks and plenty of references to our Southern Hodgepodge of sites. Books that you asked for to make things easy to find all in one spot. A Simple Start in Chalk Pastels (and a new edition coming soon!) plus our bundle of cookbooks. Don’t miss the free downloads!

Sometimes I feel like it’s a mish mash but that’s surely what makes it a Hodgepodge  :)

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    Love this post! I used pastel paints in high school,but haven’t since then. I enjoy to paint! I have made my own cook book too. ha! I got tired of having to flip through 3 different ones,so I began copying the ones from those 3 and putting them into a binder. It’s much easier!
    Heather @ Becoming TItus 2 Women recently posted..The Put On ChartMy Profile

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    You have done such a wonderful job of cataloging all that your site has to offer. This is a treasure trove for homeschool (and really all) parents!

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    I remember reading about Tapesty of Grace on your site. I’ll need to go back and re-read that. It seemed I remember you mentioning history tapes/lessons that one of your kids were listening to as they were more of an auditory learner? Can I ask where I would find something like that on cd? My 13 yr. old loves history.

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      Hi Kathy – I think you might be thinking of the Pop Quiz resource. It’s designed for the dad to listen to on his commute so that he can be on the same page as the rest of the family. And then around the supper table he can bring up topics to discuss. But we use the Pop Quiz recordings in an additional way – we sometimes listen to them at the start of the week to get an overview of what we are studying. And to help us choose topics for writing and hands on activities. We don’t use it every week. But it’s an easy start to the week, something to listen to during quiet time or as you’re riding along in the car to piano lessons :)

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