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Yet again I am impressed with and thankful for Answers in Genesis and the resources they continue to provide. I want to introduce you to the latest addition to our homeschool – Answers Bible Curriculum. I shared a review at The Curriculum Choice. (there’s also a giveaway with a few days left!)

Answers in Genesis #Homeschool Reviews at And while I was writing that review I was reminded again just how much of an impact Answers in Genesis (AiG) has had in our home and our homeschool. Just how much these resources have helped us disciple our children and learn more ourselves.

So, today, I share with you a gathering of Answers in Genesis. Enjoy – and please know that each of these come with our highest recommendation!

Answers Bible Curriculum Review at Answers Bible Curriculum review“I had, in my heart, been searching for something just for my young adults. A challenging resource, rich in learning. A resource we could partner with in our parenting. So, when I read the mission statement on the inside of the Answers Bible Curriculum Teacher Guide, I knew that these were the resources we would partner with.” (I reviewed the high school level but it is available for all ages. See how we adapted it for family devotion time.)

Science with Multiple Ages at Hodgepodge Homeschool Science for Multiple Ages – more on how we enjoy God’s Design for Science series. “We look forward to it. The reading of the science lesson during lunch. Not every day but most days we enjoy a lesson. We use several resources for all our ages. I’ll share them with you today as well as how we work them into our days – for each of our ages. In each section, I’ll share links to more how tos or reviews.”  My review of God’s Design for Science (the resource that brought our family together for science learning).

Answers Magazine Enjoying Answers Magazine – a post from my Eldest Son a couple of years ago. “Everything is good about Answers Magazine. I would recommend it to everyone starting in upper elementary age. For the younger children, the Answers for Kids section in each magazine is good. There is also an Answers for Kids section of their website.

The Answers Book for Kids Vol 1-4 Answers Book for Kids Volumes 1-4How did all the dinosaurs fit on the ark? – Abby G., age 6, New Mexico. If you are like me, you are asked these sorts of questions by your children. And, maybe like me, you are still learning too? You want to be intentional in building a Biblical foundation and worldview. Enter The Answers Book for Kids, Volumes 1-4. (We often use these in devotion time).

IMG_6620 Answers for PreschoolersStop, drop and roll; numbers, matching, science, music, math, cutting and pasting, coloring, calendar and pattern practice, weather and seasons, holidays, physical education, Bible verse memory work and Biblical world view. Definitely a “Complete multi-subject curriculum for preschoolers” ~ Answers in Genesis

Answers in Genesis Guides

More AiG resources we have used and enjoyed:

What is your favorite Answers in Genesis resource?


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    Thank you for this post! I’ve been really trying to decide wether to try again with Apologia’s elementary science, which really didn’t take well at our house, or giving AIG science a shot. I’ve read nothing but great things about AIG’s updated series. I think we will give it a go this year!

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      Now I love Apologia too! In fact we did biology with our high schoolers this past year and are heading into marine biology. But yes, we all love AiG’s God’s Design for Life series – it works so well with all our ages!!

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    I love their science, well, I love all of the products we have. I also love their website – it has great information that is easy to find and my children like their children’s section. But, I do love receiving my Answers magazine! Great post with a lot of resources, Tricia!

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