Hodgepodge Back to School Cookbooks and Art Kit

We are getting you ready for the thick of back to school! Some of us might not want to think about back to school time. If you are one of those, just know that you can win this basket of goodies and tuck it away for later. Plus, we have a bonus ebook that will help with that return of the routine.

Hodgepodge Back to School Cookbooks and #Art Kit www.hodgepodge.me What we are offering up to you helps with a couple of challenges: getting supper on the table and fitting in some extras in your school day.

What’s in our Hodgepodge Back to School Tool Kit?

Three Cookbooks (Sunday Savings, Southern Celebrations and Slow Cooker Batch Cooking) – Because after a day of back to school, Mama is usually tapped out. So, I want you to use your slow cooker and be armed with recipes. All you’ll need to do is tuck the ingredients into the slow cooker while you are making lunch. Voila! Tasty supper and you can put your feet up and rest, Mama.

A Simple Start in Chalk Pastels ebook – And, of course, I am passionate about including art in your homeschool. Because it’s not only a great joy but making time for the creative side in each of us sure helps with the rest of the day. And what a reward to see that joy on their faces when creating! So I am offering you 45 tutorials from Master Artist Lucia Hames (Nana). You’ll have a lesson a week for the whole school year. Plus, A Simple Start is for all ages – no need to buy separate grades.

I’m also including a starter set of chalk pastels. So you just need to add the paper!

Return of the Routine at Southern Hodgepodge Bonus! Return of the Routine: Six Steps to Success ebook

Special! If you purchase our chalk pastel bundle now and win the giveaway we will surely refund your money! Right now you can get our newest Chalk Pastels Through the Seasons for FREE ($7.99 value) when you buy A Simple Start in Chalk Pastels. All details in our Art for All Ages Bundle.

Don’t miss the giveaways at our Southern Hodgepodge sites: Curriculum Choice and Habits for a Happy Home! Those giveaways are also listed below amongst all the great back to school tool kits!

Now for the giveaway!

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What is your biggest challenge at back to school time?


  1. 4


    this year i’m using some new curriculum…so, the part i’m worried about is how it is going to work for my kids… are they going to like it or not?!? also, how to keep my 3 preschoolers occupied while i teach the older sister is always a challenge.
    Brooke recently posted..Nobody Told MeMy Profile

  2. 5

    RaShell S says

    Redoing my schedule to include more formal education of the up and coming children is always a challenge for me. But, we usually get into our groove after a couple weeks. :)

  3. 8

    Karen says

    We’re trying new methods this year, so that in itself will be a challenge. That, and motivating my nine year old. And it’s the first time to homeschool more than one child.

  4. 9


    My biggest challenge is keeping everyone focused. We live in a small house, so it’s hard to avoid distractions, especially with a 3 yr old in the house!

  5. 11

    Jenny says

    As my oldest enters 7th grade, figuring out how to create a schedule where he can be more responsible in recording/following his own schedule to complete his assignments, etc. Overall, creating a planner for him. Nervous and excited a the same time.

  6. 12

    becky says

    The biggest challenge is getting back into the schedule of doing schoolwork, work, taking care of the house and still having time just to hang out with my kids.

  7. 13


    As a first time homschooler, my biggest challenge will be making it through the first few months as my kids and I figure this all out :)

  8. 14

    Jennifer S. says

    My biggest challenge is getting back into routine. My kids do love to learn, but trying to go by a schedule makes it seem too boring for them. I am trying to think of a creative way to have structure without boredom…not sure that exists. Love your blog! Thanks for the giveaway!

  9. 17

    Christy says

    This year, my oldest is starting highschool. So I’m trying to get all that ready to go and trying to get as much of it to mesh with the younger children’s curriculum as I can. I’m excited about it, but it’s probably my biggest challenge this year. Getting food on the table and not letting things pile up is also harder once school starts. :)

  10. 18

    Sarah M. says

    My biggest challenge is meeting the needs of all my kids. My oldest is 6 and easy to engage. I find myself really struggling to spend the needed time with my 2nd, who is learning to read and thrives on the one-on-one time. I’ve made up a schedule, though, which has really helped me since we began our school year last month!

  11. 23

    Cheryl says

    My biggest challenge is getting myself back in to a school routine! My husband is home for the summer, so these months are very different from our school year.

  12. 26

    Jessica Woodard says

    My biggest struggle is getting everyone back into the swing of it all…including meals. I really hope I win those cookbooks…I could sure use the help!

  13. 30

    Mandy says

    this is my first year hs both my kids. So, probably just establishing a routine….thanks for doing the giveaway!

  14. 31

    Debbie says

    My biggest challenges are getting meals done on time and routine. I have 6 children still living at home 18 down to 6. I do find it getting easier now that my little guy is getting bigger, but I also feel that I am missing out on so much by not being organized or consistent :( I guess my biggest tip for this time of year would be to really know YOURSELF and what works for YOU and DO it. (speaking to myself!! again LOL) Also take time out to enjoy life and your family. Being physically active and spending time with my family has been a huge blessing. We have been walking and playing at the park, swimming at the lake and going to the library on a regular basis. People have even been asking my children and me what we have been doing because we all look healthy and happy, even our pediatrician was impressed and commented when she saw us.

  15. 32

    Jodie C. says

    Getting back into a routine. We are starting slowly with math and I’m trying incentives for nice work such as cooking lessons or trips to the park.

  16. 36

    Kathleen P. says

    We take a full summer break so our biggest challenge is getting back into school mode. My biggest tip is to ease back into the school year by starting with just a few subjects for 2 weeks, then moving into the full schedule.

  17. 38

    Brenda Torres says

    My biggest challenge is choosing the right curriculum. I tend to get overwhelmed with all of my choices and put too much pressure on my kids to “do it all.”

  18. 41

    Mellissa says

    my biggest challenge is keeping it simple. I want to try EVERYTHING, and end up getting burned out and overwhelmed.

  19. 42

    april says

    The hardest part is getting back to the routine so we start in August and when September rolls around we are quite comfortable with curriculum.

  20. 44

    Brandy says

    My biggest challenge is just having so many balls in the air to juggle. Right around the time school starts, we start having a lot of outside activities. This makes it hard to feel like I am actually accomplishing anything.

  21. 49

    Yahiliz says

    Well, we only stopped this year for a little travel (we are learning through travel as well!) so it isn’t as hard getting back into it. We love it!

  22. 51

    Courtney says

    I really love your blog (just found it a few weeks ago), we have been having fun!!!

    My biggest challenges are getting organized from the following year (should have been doing that throughout the year!) and getting prepared for the next. And, revamping the things that are not really working for us as we grow and age and change. Then, getting back into a good schedule. Meals become difficult (we have many allergies). I do love my slow cooker!

    Thanks for all the encouragement your blog offers! I’m seriously loving it and we are all benefiting greatly from your pastel lessons, SO FUN!!!!!

  23. 54

    trisha kilpatrick says

    My biggest challenge is probably meal planning. I find that the crockpot can help a lot. Pinterest is a real lifesaver when it comes to planning meals. It is really hard to find menu options that I can cook around swim outings, bowling league, soccer games/practice, church, my daughter’s job schedule, grocery shopping, etc. Every Thursday, I spend hours trying to figure our what obligations and activities we have for the following week, what affordable meals I can prepare within the time constraints of that day, what ingredients I will need to buy within my weekly budget, etc. Thursdays are usually a bit of a crabby day for me.

  24. 58

    Gabrielle Dota says

    Our biggest challenge is always getting back into the “schoolwork” routine. It’s so hard to get back into doing homeschool when we’ve been doing summer activities almost every day. This year, we’ll be starting on a Wednesday, slowly adding a couple more subjects each day so the weekend comes sooner and Monday won’t seem like such a huge change!

  25. 62


    My biggest challenge is finding a rhythm. I really like Kris’ approach (over at Weird Unsocialized Homeschooler) I usually try to allow my child to sleep in and then start on a more natural schedule, but with sports and ministry we had run into some issues with not having enough time. The last few months of last year my child synced with my most productive hours, which tend to be late, so we would start school between 8-midnight and finish around midnight-3am. Not sure what were going to do this year. :/
    Christina recently posted..Ideas for Celebrating the First Day of SchoolMy Profile

  26. 65

    Barb says

    My biggest challenge is working around everyone’s schedule. It seems that everyone in our church wants us to do activities so that we have to skip school days. It takes some tact and patience before they realize that we have a job to do.
    The best tip I can give is use your crockpot. I probably use it 3 times a week. What a time saver for us. We can concentrate on doing school and setting up our routine and not have to worry about being too tired at 5 o’clock to think of what to eat.

  27. 67

    Tammy says

    Finding time to plan ahead and stay organized while keeping life and the house going is always a struggle.

  28. 69

    Jess McCarthy says

    Getting back in the routine is so hard for us, so we will be starting to ease our way back into school over summer.

  29. 71

    Karolyn says

    It is always a challenge getting back into the daily routine. I am trying to be more relaxed this year and hope that will allow the kids to be able to focus on doing good work instead of sticking to my time table. Most days we do well with getting dinner ready. I try to get most of the things we will eat prepared on the weekend. It makes it more relaxing for all of us.

  30. 72


    Our biggest challenge for back to school is figuring out how to schedule all the extras. Our daughter is a dancer and musician. Then there are the fun things she wants to try out. Added to that are a lot of doctor and orthodontic appointments. Sometimes it seems like we can’t manage to be home, ever.

    My best tip for this time of year is to relax and don’t be too rigid with the schedule.
    Christy recently posted..Our Favorite Homeschool ResourcesMy Profile

  31. 74

    Leslie R says

    I really enjoy your blog! Our biggest challenge is going to be feeling like we haven’t had much of a summer since we have been dealing with chicken pox for most of June and July :(

  32. 75

    Becky Honey says

    Time management getting it all done…schoolwork, housework, farm chores …..doesn’t seem like enough hours in the day….

  33. 80


    My biggest challenge is learning to balance teaching & school with all of my other at-home jobs – laundry, cooking, cleaning, gardening, farm animal care, and my at-home business of making candles, soaps, and other sewn products.
    Kristi Cramer recently posted..We Love BOB Books!My Profile

  34. 81

    Missy says

    It is difficult to get back into a full routine (we continue math, science, grammar through the summer) because it means that we have to move from a more relaxed day to a more disciplined day. That transition is always difficult when the sun is shining so bright and we want to do other things. I think the transition is made easier by knowing when the start date will be (usually a couple of weeks before our co-op starts) and planning for it by trying to make sure that there are not a lot of other things cluttering our schedule while we try to transition back into a full load of school.

  35. 86

    CW says

    Getting the house clean in my challenge.

    I recommend easing into the academics and celebrating the new school year.

  36. 88

    Catherine says

    My biggest challenge is keeping all of the household tasks up to date while homeschooling. It seems I can do one or the other but not both at the same time!

  37. 89


    One helpful thing we do is just start with the basics the first week or two and add in the extras as we get into a rhythm with the basics.

  38. 92

    Brandi says

    My biggest challenge is making sure that I spend time with my two year old and four year old before working with my first grader. They behave so much better if I spend time “teaching” them first…I learned that the hard way last school year. :)

  39. 93

    Nancy says

    Yeah, the routine is tough. We are pretty relaxed during the summer, and it’s hard to get back into it.

  40. 95

    Angela Hall says

    The hardest thing for me is to get myself going. I lack motivation. But I need to remember to just breathe and take one day at a time. If you miss something to don’t get it all done; don’t worry we have the next day.

  41. 96

    Sarah W. says

    My biggest challenge is remembering to take it slow and to remember to enjoy each day, learning is supposed to be fun!! My biggest help is to remember to listen to my kids, especially when they are frustrated sometimes you need to just talk it out or try something different.

  42. 97

    Nedra M. says

    Biggest Challenge: Scheduling and dinner for sure, not to mention finding fun things to do for my 2 year old. But, learning to “schedule” school to fit our day and not the other way around.

  43. 98

    Rachel Anderson says

    My biggest challenge is getting the littles used to mom being busy “doing school” with the big kids.

  44. 100


    We’re doing much more art this year, and starting with pastels! Our biggest challenge has been getting to the extras, but this sumer we’ve been trying something different to help us get to it. It is working well!
    jeana recently posted..Every Day LifeMy Profile

  45. 101

    April Pachuta says

    My biggest challenge is getting organized before the school year begins and my top tip is to not take everything too seriously. They learn the important stuff!!!

  46. 106

    DCB says

    Thanks for participating in the giveaway! My biggest challenge: after playing school all summer, my girls will moan and groan and whine about doing real school. Go figure.

    OK, that and the huge mess that has already accumulated in the schoolroom.

    My advice? I have to laugh. just thinking that I could offer anyone advice. How about “enjoy the homeschool conference shopping?” :)

  47. 107

    Danielle Hull says

    I love to play but have a hard time pulling it off! Not sure if it’s just me or the unplanned events that pop up with little ones!

  48. 110

    Heather Bessman says

    Getting myself into a routine, so that I can attempt to do something along a routine for the kids

  49. 112

    Katie says

    My biggest challenge is getting my lesson plans done and organized. I can’t just teach from the curriculum. I always feel the need to tweak, add and delete items.

  50. 114

    Tammy Jones says

    I homeschooled my daughter (9) last year for the first time and now I’ll have my son (11) home this year too along with a 3 year old. I am worried he isn’t going to be a willing participant.

  51. 115

    LeAnn says

    No tips, yet. We are still new to thing. My biggest struggle is starting the routine! Or just starting period. We are always very excited to start… but… tomorrow!

  52. 116

    Kendra Brimhall says

    My biggest challenge is planning too much for one year. I suppose the old saying better too much than not enough could apply:) My biggest tip is to have a routine, but one that allows for flexibility when things come up. I like to have the routine in place to fall back on for the “regular days.”

  53. 117

    Jodie says

    It’s always hard to get back into a balanced routine. Now that I have a teen, the hardest thing for me is to know when to push and when to stand back.

  54. 118

    Victoria says

    new curriculum in three subjects, schedule for 4 schooling 2 “helping”, dinner for multiple food allergies, and getting myself motivated! Thanks for the opportunity!

  55. 119

    Sheila says

    The challenge is to motivate my child want to sit still occasionally and myself to keep up with all the other household tasks.

  56. 121

    Em Walker says

    Our toughest thing is getting back on schedule! Tips? I have no tips, other than remembering patience daily is gift that pays back dividends!

  57. 123

    Becca W says

    Thanks for the opportunity to win this great basket! Our biggest challenge during the school year is getting organized and staying organized. We are hoping this year will be easier with our new planner! :)

  58. 124

    Lori H says

    My biggest challenge for this time of year is figuring out what I need to do and in what order for our first year of homeschooling. My tip would be to always make the time to enjoy the time with your family.

  59. 125

    Sonja A. says

    Our biggest challenge is making sure no matter what comes up, we stay on track. Being a military family, that is sometimes hard to do…

  60. 128

    Kelly says

    Developing a routine is my biggest obstacle–I feel like I need the “perfect” one before I begin.

  61. 132

    Christine says

    I am new to homeschooling this year and so far I am struggling getting everything organized- and I am typically an organized person :( If anyone else has ideas for me (Kindergarten and Pre-School) I would love to know :)

  62. 133

    Alicia Winkler says

    Though we keep some routine in the summer, getting back into a school schedule will be challenging.

  63. 137

    Kayla says

    The biggest challenge for me is getting everything scheduled and back on track. It does help to introduce a new subject each week instead of jumping in to all at once.

  64. 139

    Leanne says

    My biggest challenge is getting going even though I’m never completely organized. And using our time wisely.

  65. 140

    jen thompson says

    I think our biggest challenge this year will be that the baby is going to be 8 months old. Trying to keep him occupied and still getting everything else done too.

  66. 141

    Steph says

    Biggest challenge will be cutting myself some slack this year and recognizing that it is just kindergarten and my first time ever doing this, so we have a little room for making mistakes and learning what works and what doesn’t as we go.

  67. 144

    AmyBeth says

    One of the hardest parts of starting back to school is finding our rhythm so our days run smoothly. We usually start with “half school” for a week or 2 and then gradually slide the rest of our school/day into the groove.

  68. 150

    Sarah says

    I think the hardest thing this year will be getting back in a routine, especially since we will have a new baby!

  69. 154

    RejoicedOver says

    My biggest challenge is getting into a routine.
    One thing that works for me is freezer cooking and using my wonderful slow cookers!!

  70. 155

    Belinda Hardesty says

    Getting the house cleaned and organized. The kids love to be creative, but that equates to our school room always being in a state of disarray.

  71. 156

    Jessica D says

    My biggest challenge is getting into a routine and keeping my two year old occupied. I haven’t really found anything yet that works this is only my second year homeschooling.

  72. 158

    Teresa says

    My biggest challenge is getting dinner on the table. We tend to lose track of time if we get on something we really enjoy, so my best suggestion…Freezer Cooking! Not only does it save time and money, it helps keep the OCD in me in check! :)

  73. 159

    Codie says

    My biggest challenge is to get a 10th grader to decide that he needs to do as he is told instead of him thinking he is the boss and can tell me what he is going to do.

  74. 160

    Maureen says

    My biggest tip is to limit outside distractions. Conversely, my biggest challenge is……outside distractions!

  75. 163

    Ricci says

    My biggest chalenge is having supper ready and the house clean by the end of the day. I try to finish all schoolwork before the hubby comes home so we can spend the rest of our evening as a family. If i didn’t have a crockpot, none of this would be possible!

  76. 165

    Jennifer Poe says

    My biggest challenge this year is writing my own lesson plan. This is our first year using all new stuff so I’m writing all new plans and it’s been a little hard but I know we’ll get there!

  77. 166

    Sharon says

    My biggest back to school challenge is narrowing down the list of what we will do. There are WAY too many fabulous things out there, and I want to do them all!

  78. 173


    Just as soon as I get a new ipad (mine was stolen) I am planning to buy this art curriculum for our year! We can’t wait to use it (and blog about it!). Of course, it would be lovely to win it!!

  79. 180


    My biggest challenge is maintaining the rest of my routines (cleaning house, supper, etc.) while beginning a new school routine. It takes the first six weeks to get everything running smoothly again.
    Tracy G. recently posted..Home-making for OthersMy Profile

  80. 181

    Melissa says

    I think definitely getting into a routine is the hard part but once I’m there, I settle in quite nicely.

  81. 184

    Vanessa says

    I figure my biggest challenge will be keeping up all the usual “house stuff” and schooling, but I figure public school teachers do it every day, and have larger classes. So I guess focusing on priorities is the real challenge!

  82. 185

    Jennifer says

    My biggest challenge is getting organized on time. With 2 little ones and a busy summer, it’s hard to set aside time to prepare.

  83. 187


    My biggest challenge for “back to school” is compiling all the curriculum together, especially now that I will be teaching two. My best tip is to buy curriculum right at the end of the school year as opposed to right before the new school year. That way, prices are somewhat easier on the wallet and you wont be scurrying to find everything last minute.
    Jessie recently posted..Thrifted Rocking HorseMy Profile

  84. 188

    Jamie says

    My biggest challenge is getting excited about next school year. Once we get started, the biggest challenge will probably be settling back into a bed time routine.

  85. 189

    MaChia says

    My biggest challenge is time. I will be teaching five children, have an 11 month old and am currently pregnant.

  86. 190


    My biggest challenge is always gearing up with the new outside assignments. This year we are doing Jr. Master Gardeners, AWANA, and many others. Getting back into the swing of those things is always a challenge, and this year most of these activities are new to us, too.
    crafty_cristy recently posted..Summer Nature Scavenger Hunt 2013My Profile

  87. 192

    MichelleH says

    The biggest challenge is getting the puzzle of activities to fit together nicely. Every year there are a few activities that require juggling in order for everything to fit.

  88. 193

    Melissa C says

    I have a hard time getting back into the routine. The kids want to sleep in and I want to read while the quiet lasts 😉

  89. 194


    One of the reasons we choose to school year round is we all had so much trouble getting back into the routine, by having school be our default routine year round we can do fun things when the mood strikes, “guilt free”, and we never get out of the school routine, it makes this time of year an “easy” season since the heat tends to keep us inside happy to read books in the a/c :)
    LaRee recently posted..Book Review: Ed Douglas PublicationsMy Profile

  90. 195

    Carol Graft says

    what a great giveaway! Thanks.
    Biggest challenge: after being way too laid back for way too long I want to get back into the school mode. Not so structured they can’t learn like they have been but definitely more focused diligence etc. 2 15yo and 1 9 yo. I still want it to be fun.

  91. 196


    Getting dinner, staying on schedule, budget, etc.

    I also have difficulty fitting in the extras. You have wonderful ideas. I am trying something different. 2 weeks of primary curriculum and 1 week of fun and your choice (the girls pick) curriculum.

  92. 199

    Barb says

    What fun books. I have been wanting to try the pastel chalks one for quite a time now. Maybe, just maybe?
    Hope that you have a wonderful day. God bless.

  93. 201

    Emily R says

    My biggest struggle is finding a routine that works for the entire family. And planning. I’m NOT a good planner!

  94. 202

    Molly says

    One of my biggest challenges is staying motivated and balancing everything. There doesn’t seem to be any amount of me doing for my house to look like anyone cleans it.

  95. 203

    Kathy T says

    We use start school when we are still harvesting the garden, canning, etc so it’s hard to determine what is most important.

  96. 204

    Elizabeth Truett says

    My biggest problem is staying organized and not getting overwhelmed when things become chaotic.

  97. 206

    Tammie Paul says

    My biggest challenge is keeping a routine. We have started fostering this year so this change to our schedule and life is very new! The way we press on is through lots of prayer!

  98. 209

    Lisa says

    My biggest challenge is getting out of the way with my own wants and desires to teach my children and listening to God’s will for them. I strongly recommend everyone take time to pray before they decide how they are going to run the year. Listen to God’s will and obey! It is so rewarding!! If you feel like you are getting off track, pray more and God will reveal His decision to you!

  99. 211

    Melissa C. says

    I really struggle with dinner ideas and making a good dinner for my family each night. seems like I always revert to the old standbys, or I’m paralized with indecision!

  100. 212

    Robyn says

    My biggest challenge is getting into a schedule that works for homeschooling and taking care of the house.

  101. 214

    Rebecca S. says

    My biggest challenge is getting to bed early enough to wake up early enough for my “alone” time!!

  102. 217

    Virginia H. says

    My biggest challenge is fear. This is my first year officially homeschooling. My husband and I decided to pull our children out of the public school system after being in it for years. They are both in middle school this year and I pray that I can do this.

  103. 218

    Heather Bardin says

    Biggest challenge is grace in the moment and not reaction, remembering to model godly virtue/character and not just expect it :) I love your basket, I have an artist who would love this, so I know there are so many who would be blessed in stretching out the gift and talent!

  104. 219

    Kim Wells says

    Biggest battle is helping my kiddos get back into the swing of things. Best advice from me is to have at least 10 minutes a day for mom to spend time with God and align my heart and head for the day.

  105. 222

    Alisha b says

    My biggest change this year is going to be trying to set up a routin that works with three school age kids and a baby.

  106. 223

    Sarah says

    My biggest challenge at the beginning of the school year is getting files/paperwork organized, and keeping homeschool items from taking over the house!

  107. 225

    Sarah MK says

    The hardest thing for me is getting back into a full day routine. We homeschool year round, but our summer schedule is very flexible.

  108. 228

    April says

    Our biggest challenge: Organization & fitting all of the subjects in that *I* want to get in…. but my tip (to myself) would be to RELAX more. It’s homeschool and I can improvise if I need to or play “catch up” reading the history book on the porch as a family. :)

    Thanks for such a fantastic give away! My daughter is SO excited about the cooking materials. :)

  109. 230

    Trishat says

    We school year round, so this is not a busy time of year at all for us! In fact, we slow down in the fall because my parents own a pumpkin farm!

  110. 231

    Rebecca Barry says

    Toughest part: getting back into a routine. Advice for this time: breathe, pray, be abundant in grace…for the kids and yourself :)

  111. 235

    Desiree says

    If I plan, I don’t have trouble getting supper on the table. I have been in a rut and need some new ideas we all love. Plan to use my slow cooker more often this year.

  112. 239

    Kristine says

    My biggest challenge right now is my son moving from mostly play with some homeschool up to a 1 grade year.

  113. 240

    Marlene C. says

    I think you hit the nail on the head…twice! The biggest challenges for me are getting into a routine and cooking. Another mom mentioned another biggie: keeping the house clean. Over all, there’s a lot of juggling to be done!

  114. 241

    Nancy says

    I’m especially excited about those chalk pastel resources — cool! I love cool weather, so I’m always eager for fall, plus, I love getting a few new supplies and such.

  115. 247

    Holly says

    We have just loved your free chalk pastel tutorials online. The book would be amazing! And all the other prizes too of course. 😉 Thanks for running such a great website!

  116. 248

    Colleen Schilinski says

    The biggest challenge is getting into a routine – because we all seem to get lazy over the summer.

  117. 255

    Judith Martinez says

    I’m very stressed that I haven’t been able to afford all my curriculum or have some time to plan.

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