Look Up! Summer Trees Acrylic Art Tutorial

Hello to my favorite artists from Nana at Hodgepodge!  I have had a “bee in my bonnet” for months about the acrylic painting that we are going to do today! 

Look Up! Summer Trees Acrylic #Art Tutorial at www.hodgepodge.me I saw this via our good friend Phyllis Bergenholtz of All Things Beautiful – I believe it was a pin on Pinterest. I just fell in love with the idea! Get this picture in your mind: see yourself in the woods and you find a soft spot on the pine straw floor of the woods and decide to just lie down on the ground and look up through the trees to the sky.  That is what we are going to paint today!

We are ‘spattering’ a summer trees acrylic painting like we did in our Acrylic Fall Trees Tutorial!

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Don’t you think the spatters look like fireflies (or what we in the south call lightning bugs!)?


  1. that is absolutely beautiful!

  2. This caught my eye on Pinterest…how beautiful. What a neat perspective!

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