Bonza Draw App by Unit Studies is for All Ages

Today’s review is by Middle Girl and her sister!

Bonza Draw App by Unit Studies - Review at Middle Girl (6th grade): Bonza Draw is a great iPad app. I would give it four and a half stars out of five. I like Bonza Draw because it’s a great app. It lets you draw something new every day.

Bonza Draw App Word Bank I also like the word bank. If you miss a day of drawing, Bonza Draw saves the word so you can draw it next time you are using the app. My overall favorite thing is drawing different things each day.

Bonza Draw Word Bank A few of the things to draw are: baseball, hot air balloon, crayon, your foot, earthquake, guitar, etc.

Bonza draw littlest girl Littlest Girl (2nd grade): “well, if we are busy going to the pool I might not get a chance to draw and that means I will have a word in my word bank!”

Bonza Draw - taking picture Hodgepodgemom: Bonza Draw is a brilliant concept. A wonderful learning tool and such a happy, motivating app. I love the creative drawing aspect as well as how the child takes pictures of the completed art. That’s the big difference between this app and other art apps. The app prompts the child to draw – not on the iPad or iPhone but on a separate piece of paper.

When a child finishes drawing the picture, the app prompts the child to take a picture for the gallery. Photograph your art work!

Bonza Draw- gallery of photos The pictures are stored in the same spot. So even if multiple children use the app (which is always the case in our house!) all photos of completed art work can be viewed within the app.

Bonza Draw drawing! This is an app I feel confident the children can use completely on their own. In fact we aim to enjoy some type of art each and every day. Bonza Draw app will definitely help us do just that!

Amanda Bennett’s son developed this app while in college. Generations working together – we love that! Homeschooling just keeps continuing. For more of the story behind Bonza Draw App, visit the Unit Studies blog.

Also, Bonza Draw is only 99 cents! What a bargain for all our ages!

Huge praises from over here for this beautifully creative app!


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