Yes You Can Teach Art – Homeschool Super Heroes Interview Tomorrow!

They are some of the most frequently asked questions I am asked: How do I add art to my homeschool? How do I deal with the mess? What are some simple supplies to have on hand? But I’m just not artistic – how can I teach my children?

Here’s your personal invitation to join me tomorrow – Thursday, August 29th at 4 pm EDT – It’s FREE!

chalk pastels tree reflection step 2 Yes You Can Teach Art

My friend Kerry Beck is helping homeschoolers start their new year right with her 4th Annual Homeschool Super Heroes Week. She’s given my readers a private invitation so you can listen to these Homeschool Super Heroes interviews for FREE.

I’ll be sharing my tips for art and homeschooling multiple ages. Plus:

  • How art enhances a homeschool learning environment
  • ŸHow to tailor art projects for any family and homeschool mom…even the non-artistic
  • ŸPractical tips and simple art projects to get started

16 free homeschool interviews \
Here’s how . . .
Homeschool Super Heroes
You’ll love all these experts and their practical tips to starting your homeschool year on the right foot!

tricia-hodges-superhero-296x300 I hope you’ll join me Thursday at 4 pm EDT for some art encouragement!

All you have to do is register for Homeschool Super Heroes Week and you will have access each day to practical tips and tricks for you to start your year right.

Here’s where you can register.

You can see a complete listing of all our Homeschool Super Heroes and the topics we’ll cover here.

Hope to ‘see’ you there!

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