Full Throttle Homeschooling Multiple Ages

Our slow and steady start to homeschool led us to full throttle back to school. Over the last three weeks we have started more subjects, added some extras to our days. Plus, one by one, the extracurricular ramped up as well. And it’s all good. Though I do miss the days of summer and the pool…

Full Throttle Homeschooling Multiple Ages at www.hodgepodge.me We’ve been trying to emphasize the Before 8:45 habit. But while the younger three can surely do it, the older ones are usually just stirring and getting their breakfast. So while they start their routine, I am…

homeschool little ones first

1. Lil’ Buddy (K) has been making chalk pastel trains – several – each day. Makes me so happy to hear, “Mama, can I get out the chalk pastels?” | 2. Car school during civics class for the big kids. | 3. My Little Ponies help with handwriting. | 4. Practicing piano. Three girls in piano now!

Homeschooling Little Ones First

…Starting our school day with me sitting down between the two little ones continues to be the best approach. I can help Lil’ Buddy with his Kindergarten handwriting and reading practice. On the other side, Littlest Girl is working through her Saxon 2nd grade math. Meanwhile…

There’s nothing that can help you understand your beliefs more than trying to explain them to an inquisitive child. ~ Frank A. Clark

a new adventure in violin

Someone is VERY excited to add another instrument in the mix! The violin arrived this week and she can’t wait to get started. She’s still taking piano lessons as well. We also found out the parts our two older girls will play in the Christmas drama troupe production. And Littlest Girl is thinking she is going to try out for a solo and/or a speaking part in our church children’s production.

Middle in the Mix

…Middle Girl is starting her Teaching Textbooks 6th grade at the computer. When she finishes that she works through all her language arts with me close by for help if needed. The youngest two are usually finished with any seat work for now and they have moved on to play.

pool closed Sometimes we take a break in here for the pool, a nature walk or a run around the backyard. This week we were really sad when we suited up, slathered the sunscreen and found this. The neighborhood pool closed. There’s still so much summer to soak up!

homeschooling boys High School Team

I find one high schooler in a comfortable spot on the couch with a Rod and Staff English textbook. (Lil’ Buddy reshaping and reworking the train track).

practicing piano The other has taken the spot at the computer for Teaching Textbooks or at the piano practicing Phantom of the Opera.

Tapestry of Grace Year 3 books All Together Now

Sometimes we get to our history and science before lunch but most times it is reserved for the afternoon. All of us together. Please see my five day series on How to Fit in the Homeschool Extras, which includes the extras within sight – school books on the family room mantel.

I got the Tapestry of Grace books all arranged on our family room mantel. It makes it so much easier to see the ones we need to get to and to grab one to read aloud. Having them with in sight even prompts a child to read several! And let me tell you, I am so glad we’ve done a little homeschool reorganization in order to stay home. We need that time to get through all the wonderfulness that Tapestry offers. Especially with my two high schoolers.

books on the end table Tapestry of Grace, Harmony Fine Arts and books for pure pleasure (also make a good stack to grab for car schooling during lessons).

We must not, in trying to think about how we can make a big difference, ignore the small daily differences we can make which, over time, add up to big differences that we often cannot foresee. ~ Marian Wright Edelman

easy button And the easy button helped move us along too – just give it a press in between subjects.

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Many thanks to our Friday hostesses!

We’ve been going slow and steady for about a month. Building, adding subjects, extracurricular. And now we are full throttle. How about you? Have you been back to school for a while or was this your first week?


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      Well, those older ones are mighty reluctant sometimes… but those little ones are ready to go – sometimes they are finished with their basic things before the high schoolers even get going much. And I wouldn’t say it’s organization as much as it is stacks :) Love your semi-unschoolish style Phyllis – such a happy, blessed family.

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      Try it Ticia! It really helps me and the children to SEE what all we have. And I’ve seen many a time somebody grab a book to read just because it looked good – not because it was in the planner. Just because it was within sight.

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      We were SO bummed! And it was hot and humid here this week – and we’d worked hard getting school work done with the reward of the pool. But, we did come back and have large bowls of ice cream :)

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