Homeschool Electives and Extracurricular for Multiple Ages

This has been the week of all things elective and extracurricular. Just how – homeschooling multiple ages of children? A peek into our busy week…

Electives and Extracurricular with Multiple Ages

Well, of course there was math, language arts, science and the rest in there. But it was a bit overshadowed by the greatness of field trips. Particularly one that we are still smiling about that we went on just yesterday – to the Georgia Supreme Court and Capitol.

Civics, Government and Politics for Older Students

Eldest and Middle Girl are part of a wonderful civics class taught by the Georgia State Director of Americans for Prosperity. Our teacher calls it a basic government class with an overview of the branches of government. But it is much more including politics, history and current events. My Eldest Boy is also doing the assignments at home and participated in the field trip yesterday.

Up until this point, the eldest three Hodgepodge children have completed these type assignments: report on a political party sharing whether you agree or disagree with its stance; create a political campaign ad in print, video or audio form for a fellow student ; research and compare another country with the United States – including studying economic factors, average life expectancy and more, choose one US or GA supreme court case and tell how it has changed the course of the nation. Yesterday was the field trip…

Field Trip to Georgia Capitol This was an outstanding field trip – one that taught lessons we’d never had learned as well had we researched on our own. Here are some highlights:

  • Well over an hour listening to and learning from Supreme Court Justice Blackwell followed by an opportunity to ask the Judge questions. Then a photo opportunity with Judge Blackwell and a chance to sit in the Supreme Court justices’ chairs!
  • A quick tour of the Capitol Building which included visits to both the House and the Senate, a stop by Georgia founding father Oglethorpe’s statue and unplanned visits with a Department of Corrections officer. We also ran into Senator Lincoln who said that he believed that homeschoolers are the hope of the future of this nation.
  • A visit with Georgia State Attorney Sam Olens. He stopped by and talked to us while we ate lunch and took questions from the students as well.
  • A surprise chance and unplanned visit with Georgia Governor Deal. We had our picture taken with him. He shared about his recent trip to the Panama Canal (did you know that the sea level of the Pacific Ocean is higher than the Atlantic?) The children had the opportunity to ask questions and Middle Girl asked (in the picture above), “What is your favorite part of your job?” He answered that his favorite part was meeting people like us and being able to help fellow Georgians.
  • To top off our visit, we caught a glimpse of Hodgepodgedad! He was in meetings down there and walked by just as we were headed home.

These were the type of things I heard from my children during and after the field trip: “I really think I am interested in government and politics.” “I might like to work in the judicial system.” “I am having so much fun!” “When are we going on our next field trip?” There are so many more pictures and things to share but this is already very long!

Many thanks to our teacher for organizing and leading such a wonderful, learning field trip!

Georgia State Fair Georgia State Fair Fun for Younger Students

Do you see how Middle Girl got to be a part of both? Ah the benefits of being a middle child!

On the most rainy morning this week, we went to submit flower and vegetable entries to our North Georgia State Fair. We missed the art work deadline being on family vacation. But I encourage you to participate in your county or state fair. What wonderful feedback the children always get!

Homeschooling multiple ages tip: Give your children the chance for feedback on their art work and garden cultivating by participating in your state fair! A ribbon – and money rewards – are very motivating!

After turning in our entries, we noticed several school groups coming through on field trip. They were admiring the entries and headed towards the animal barn/petting zoo. We gently folded our little school into the line. The children fed and petted goats, saw all types of animals including deer, turkey, pheasants, peacock, pigs, rabbits, chicken, llamas, donkey and horses. Plus they got a Mayfield ice cream sandwich at the end!

We look forward to finding out if any of their entries earned ribbons!

LEGO® Learning for Multiple Ages LEGO® Learning for Multiple Ages

Building, imagination and play! We are privileged to be reviewing the LEGO® Education StoryStarter set and boy have their been some stories! In fact, when we returned from the fair that morning the LEGO sets were right there on the kitchen table. I was having a hard time getting the children to move into doing their basic subjects. So, I set the timer for 15 minutes.

Homeschooling multiple ages tip: We did our lessons this way the remainder of the day. 15 minutes of LEGO learning and 15 minutes of school subjects.

What a full day that was! Fair field trip, LEGO learning and a full day of homeschool!

photo Music Lessons and Music Appreciation for Multiple Ages

All three of our girls are taking piano lessons now. Plus Middle Girl started strings lessons. That makes for quite a bit of not only lesson time but practice time as well. And, our children all participate in choir, puppets and/or youth group at church.

Homeschooling Multiple Ages tip: group your extracurricular activities together on the same day as much as possible. It surely takes some organizing but helps so much to be HOME the majority of the week to homeschool.

The boys aren’t left out! Lil’ Buddy is in children’s choir. Plus we are of course enjoying our Harmony Fine Arts studies (my review) as a family again this year. This is a resources we have used for several years. We study our artist and composer – all our ages together – after lunch one day a week.

The Atlanta High Museum of Art field trip Art for All Ages

And, of course, this would not be complete without sharing about art! We are continuing our Painting a Day habit. There is some sort of artwork happening every single day – either painting, coloring, colored pencils or our beloved pastels!

Plus, last Sunday afternoon we went on a family field trip to the High Museum of Art to see Vermeer’s Girl with a Pearl Earring. We studied this painting in particular just last year with our (affiliate link) Harmony Fine Arts studies. What a thrill it was to see it in person!! Outstanding! It was smaller than I envisioned it to be. But artists of the day – over 350 years ago! – made their painting smaller so they would be portable for selling.

Bonus of having a larger family: by the time you pay admission to the art museum, you can buy a family pass!

So we will be going back often this year. And we are especially excited to see the Westward Ho! exhibit since it matches our Tapestry of Grace history studies.

art for all ages Whew! What a blessing of a week and it doesn’t even include all we are doing today. Or the other electives we enjoy. But I hope this gives you some ideas.

More Homeschooling Multiple Ages

Many thanks to our Friday hostesses!

Did you download your FREE Homeschooling in Georgia ebook yet? I also hope you will enjoy Nana’s very short fall tree video tutorial! How was your week?


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    I especially love this post, Tricia! The StoryStarter is such a great set. Grant has been making stop motion videos with it recently!

    All of the field trips look wonderful. We are planning a visit to the High on our fall break from CC! I am especially interested in a capital field trip one day soon, too.

    Looking forward to seeing you in a couple weeks, my friend!

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    I smiled when I read about the timer and switching from Lego education to school subjects :-) I taught my eight year old a new word this week: compromise. I told him that means that he gets a little of what he wants (video games) and I get a little of what I want (schoolwork). Then, everyone is happy.

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