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One year ago yesterday I shared a post entitled, “Are Your Children Socialized?” That post was shared all around Facebook and it received many comments. I think it resonated well with fellow homeschoolers. It was simply the answer to my friend’s question. It was the response I wish I had been able to share when she asked.

Are-Your-Children-Socialized-580x435 …she lifted her glass of sweet tea, the question came. One I’d been asked before. Just not recently.

“So, are your children socialized?”

I looked at her with understanding. We homeschoolers are a curiosity. People wonder what we do. She doesn’t know that there are really only two weekdays we are home for the majority of the day. So I took the easy route and gave her the immediate answer. Yes…

…what I didn’t tell you is that daily I am leaning on the everlasting arms. It’s not easy but the joy of the Lord is my strength. With God all things are possible. If our children know this then they will long to ‘mix socially with others.’ That good news in their hearts? They can’t help themselves – they will want to tell you.

Then the question that really gets my homeschool hackles standing on end. It comes. She asks,

“Do you ever regret this decision? Your decision to homeschool?”

I suppose I could react poorly. Wonder if anyone ever asks a similar question of another parent? Do you ever regret your decision to send your child to school? But I wonder if she knows how it feels to be seeking His will.

I have no greater joy than to hear that my children are walking in the truth. 3 John 1:4

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    shelly says

    Please help! Our 11yr old son is gifted, and has difficulty in finding friends in his ages group. Maturity wise, it’s as if he’s 10 years older but stuck in an 11 yr old body. He is academically strong, and athletically talented too and participates in teams where healthy competition is allowed (baseball). Socially, he loves conversing with those who are in their 20’s up to 90 years of age. He volunteers in a senior’s home, has owned his own business since he was 9 and moves quickly through homeschool lessons. Socially, he’s frustrated by his peers because they tend to only want to play violent video games (we don’t allow, and he’s got no interest in Grand Theft Auto), and most kids can talk about little other than the latest quest to obtain a new video game. We’ve tried joining Catholic homeschool groups, and tonight took him to a youth group for church but encountered the same types of kids. Can you help?

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      Hi Shelly – Well, I can only speak from my own parenting experience. First of all, pray. Pray for the Lord’s will in your son’s life and He will give you wisdom. Second, rejoice in your son’s gifts and strengths – how wonderful that he enjoys the company of all ages. I personally have a very close friendship with my mother – and she is older than me. As well as many more family members and older homeschool mentors I have been blessed by. Thirdly, continue to offer new opportunities to your son as you have been. Blessings on your journey!

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