Review: Well Planned Day High School Planners

Just last week I shared about our family homeschool planning meeting. With high schoolers I feel this is especially important. The Well Planned Day planners play a major role in our writing down of assignments and overall accountability.

Well Planned Day High School 4 Year Planner and High School Planner Reviews at #homeschool Today I am telling you all about the four year high school planners we use with our eldest two. Plus the weekly high school planners they each use themselves. Plus, don’t miss my review and giveaway of the Student Planner at The Curriculum Choice! (did you catch all that? three planner reviews and giveaways today!)

4 Year High School Planner review at Four Year High School Planner for the Overall Big Picture

As homeschool parents of high schoolers we have found ourselves in the guidance counselor role. Not only are we guiding daily assignments and long-term semester projects, we are advising on taking the PSAT, SAT, talking through visiting colleges, planning electives and more! Not only are we recording our weekly homeschool, the books read and all extracurricular activities, we are being prompted to investigate college requirements in a timely manner.

The 4 Year High School Planner is a wonderful help for all that the high school years encompass. We have a 4 year planner for each of our high schoolers. This is the planner we pull out to discuss – and record – credits and long range high school plans. The 4 Year planner helps me – as the teacher/parent – to remember it all. Not only remember what we might need to be doing during a freshman or sophomore year but to write down and remember the good, the challenges, the tips learned from other homeschooling parents.

Well Planned Day 4 Year High School Planner look inside

Plenty of room for a well-mapped four year high school plan with space for credits, subjects and course descriptions.

What’s included?

  • High school, college and trade school requirements
  • Transcripts and record keeping
  • Sample high school transcript
  • Monthly summary
  • Semester summary – my high school journey – attendance, credit summary, literature (books read) credit summary, community involvement, accomplishments (follows the narrative report card style I am used to)
  • Advice and prompts – example of extracurricular activities
  • Bible verses
  • Character focus

Yes, I have a 4 year high school planner for each of my children, 9th and 10th graders. Because they each have their own skills, pursuits, studies, personalities and goals. We are surely used to sharing resources in our homeschool but I feel it is important to have an individual plan for each of my children based on their gifts, talents, skills and what the Lord is calling my sons and daughters to do.

Well Planned Day High School Planners High School 1 Year Planner for the Week to Week Nitty Gritty

The High School 1 Year planner is the planner my freshman and sophomore pull out to record their weekly assignments during our family planning meeting. This planner is where they write down the page numbers, the papers due, the social activities, the extracurricular. It’s small enough to carry around the house or tuck in a backpack to take to civics class.

–> An explanation of our Weekly Family Homeschool Planning Meeting with all our ages

Both my high schoolers’ planners are housed in our magazine rack right above the family room couch. Most of their reading is done from the comfort of this couch, so it makes sense to have the planners right there. One for each of them! (Notice the 4 Year planners are tucked right there as well).

high school 1 year planner Benefits of each high school student having his/her own planner:

  • Builds independence. The gift of planning and time management.
  • Detailed notes on assignments, due dates, requirements.
  • Central location for weekly, daily expectations.
  • Time management practice daily!
  • College prep prompts for each child
  • Bible verses, challenges, reminders and thought-provoking quotes

Are all these planners just way too much? Maybe so but like I shared in my family planner review, I am a spiral notebook lover. And all my plans and records, all my children’s plans and records are in one spot – within reach.

May the favor of the Lord our God rest on us; establish the work of our hands for us – yes, establish the work of our hands. Psalm 90:17

Where can you find these high school planners? Browse more views of pages and find out even more in the Home Educating Family planner store:

Well Planned Day Student Planner Review at #homeschool My Well Planned Day Planner Reviews

  • Student Planner – with a giveaway today at The Curriculum Choice!
  • Well Planned Day Family Planner“Planning the homeschool days for multiple children can be overwhelming. Especially when teaching kindergarten, second grade, sixth grade (middle school!) and two high schoolers. This year, however, I have a wonderful tool…”

Plus more Guidance Counselor Resources

Now for the Giveaways!

I have two planners to give away! One Well Planned Day 4 Year High School Planner AND one Well Planned Day 1 Year High School planner. Simply follow the instructions in the rafflecopter widget below:
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I received a copy of the Well Planned Day 4 year High School Planner and two high school planners in exchange for my honest review. All opinions are my own with many contributions from my high school son and daughter. I was not compensated for my time. Please see our disclosure policy.


  1. 1

    Jeannine says

    Thanks! I’ve been wondering about this planner. Looks like I will be buying a couple of these in the next 2 years.

  2. 2

    Edith says

    We have used these planners before and loved them. They have so much more to offer than other planners. So many more resources are included besides forms and calendars. Thanks for the chance to win one!

  3. 3


    Great post, Tricia! It is so important to be organized about this, and this looks like a helpful resource.

    I’ve written another guidance post that seems to be helpful to moms. It emphasizes that planning for the future should consider all of life, not just a career. This is something parents and teens need to remember when they are overwhelmed with college choices and academics.

    I am honored and grateful that you considered my post worth mentioning. Thanks, Tricia!
    Annie Kate recently posted..Review: The Sparrow Found a House by Jason McIntireMy Profile

    • 4


      Annie Kate! Thanks so much for sharing that post as well. You are a great encouragement to me and my family! And I completely agree that in planning we should consider all of life not just a career.

  4. 7

    Kendra says

    Just yesterday I was talking with my oldest about how we would be working in making his high school plan this year. So frightening and exciting all at the same time! These planners sure would come in handy!

  5. 8

    Christy says

    My daughter started high school this year. I have been letting her be more involved in the planning process this year. She picks the books she will be reading (on topic.) She also keeps track of her school hours. She also gets to choose from a list of activities which ones she completes every week. It has been fun to see her becoming more involved in choosing what her week looks like. She is enjoying it too! I hadn’t thought about a 4-yr planner before. I can definately see the benefits. I went to hear several speakers talk about what to do over the high school years regarding tests and so on. A 4-year planner would be the perfect place to write it all down and not forget what’s coming up!

  6. 11

    LauraW68 says

    My best planning tip is … involve your high schooler in the planning process. Let him or her help with the process, choosing of curiculum, etc.

  7. 12

    Sarah McHatton says

    Hello! Please do not submit me into the giveaway. I just want to say God Bless You for sharing what you use in your homeschool. I currently do not have children. YET! But I am already planning for homeschool as I prepare for God giving me a baby. Preemptive strike you can say. I have been working on my own planner so I always love hearing what makes a good planner. Have a wonderful, blessed day!!

  8. 13

    Jessica says

    These planners look awesome! I’ve been looking at them for a while, but hesitant to yet purchase. After seeing what everyone else is saying I might just have to!

  9. 15

    Tia says

    My high schoolers help in the planning by creating their projects. They decide what and how to create the project that they want to focus on

  10. 16

    Lyndi Malarchuk says

    I tend to be a bit scatter-brained and disorganized. To prevent my life from spiraling out of control, I am a planning FrEaK! I’m trying to get my son into the same habits: writing everything down, keeping a schedule, checking and double checking, etc.

  11. 17

    grace says

    i used personal calendar/agenda to jot down all of our activities … try to keep them color coordinate too (1 color per name) that way i won’t get confused. love to win this. thanks for the chance.

  12. 18

    Bonnie B. says

    I ask my children what their interests are for “free” time as well as what they want to study as electives. Then we work together to see how things work best for them and me.

    • 20

      Beth says

      Clearly, I should read diredtions…I created laminated charts with daily tasks (very generic, i.e. math, nature study, etc.). They cross off what they’ve finished as it hangs on the wall, and I can see very quickly what they’ve accomplished and what they need to tackle yet. I also have a chart for myself.

  13. 21

    Kay Lam says

    I need 3 of these right now as I have 3 in high school and 2 babies,3 and 4. This will be a great resource and tracker for them as now I am having them keep track of everything they do.

  14. 22

    becky boyer says

    We have not ever had a weekly HS meeting as a family. Mom has always done the planning. I am encouraged to start a weekly meeting this year following your lead. Winning one of the planners would surely help me accomplish this!

  15. 23

    Susan Skinner says

    My oldest starts highschool next year. I am trying to plan ahead by reading everything I can about homeschooling highschool. The more I read and plan the less intimidated I get. I have three schooling now and a six month old, planning is essential!

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