How to Skumble with Chalk Pastels

“Skumble” is a funny word. It is a made-up word for the way an artist can add texture to a picture. In our video, below, we share how we turned our brown pastel on its side and very lightly and carefully brushed it across the sand color to show the grainy texture of the sandy beach.

How to Skumble with Chalk Pastels The key to skumbling is to use a very light touch, it you try to color too deeply then you will have a hard time showing texture.  You can skumble a very light cloud across a sky, showing a pale cloud. You can skumble across a green meadow to see a suggestion of flowers. Skumbling is a great skill to help you make your pastel paintings more “painterly.” And that, my friends, is another lesson to learn!

Try skumbling, because you ARE an artist!

Art for All Ages: Tips and Tutorials

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Remember….you ARE an artist!


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